These Super Funny Comics Are Basically Every Average Girl’s Not-So-Average Story!

Not all of us are born with a perfect face, the puppy eyes that would crush every spectator! Some of us have clumsy falls on the very first day of work, a loud mouth that just doesn’t shut up, a face hidden behind those nerdy glasses or a book and a brain that just doesn’t work when needed! We are the average girls, the ones who are not all about highlighters and contour pencils (no offense!).

Our daily struggles range from getting the perfect eyeliner curve without burning our eyes, broken flats (forget the heels) and our ever-failing attempts of making one smooth conversation with that guy we swoon over (of course he doesn’t give a shit!). That’s our world. And if you too are in the same boat, perhaps, yours and mine can form a great story just the way Italian illustrator Laura Romagnoli’s webcomic series Average Adventures of an Average Girl does!

Known as lallirrr online, Laura has come to peaceful terms with her latent average girl, bringing you face to face with your everyday struggles!

#1 Dealing with Average Identities!


#2 Too much stress!


#3 The not-so-flawless hair story!


#4 Food vs World


#5 There is so much to do in life! Ahem Ahem




#7 The average V-day!


#8 Do not mess with the weather!


#9 Today is such a nice day!


#10 The average girl earnings!


#11 No wonder we are single!


You can also check out most of Laura’s work at her Instagram and Facebook profiles.

(Compiled Images: Boredpanda)
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