A Comedian Tweeted About Children Making Noises But Twitter Didn’t Take It Nicely

Abhishek Upmanyu, a comedian, famous for his youtube videos is trending on Twitter. He recently tweeted that he wanted the plane to crash just so that the kids would stop making noise.  Abhishek Upamanyu, a Delhi boy, is famous for the Youtube video, talking about his experience after moving to Mumbai. He talked about his […]

‘Inside Edge’: A Trailer So Intriguing; You Won’t Be Able To Wait For The Series!

Like it or not, India is obsessed with cricket. We had movies like Jannat, where the lead, a die-hard cricket fan enters the world of betting, gambling. When we talk about cricket, it’s passion, hope, and struggles. But behind the back, it’s a world of match fixing, glamour, power, and drugs. Farhan Akhtar’ production company, Excel Media […]

YouTube Sensation Dhinchak Pooja In An Interview Says A Concert And Bollywood Music Are On Her Wishlist

Most of us have imagined a scenario where we are famous and being interviewed by a hotshot talk show host. We soon realize we possess no such talent that shall give us fame and fortune and accept that this said scenario will never happen. Not Dhinchak Pooja though. She is deluded. Her ‘Selfie maine le li […]

Internet Is Obsessed With Fidget Spinner And They Cannot Stop Spinning It

This season’s hottest toy, fidget spinner is marketed as an antidote for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, anxiety and autism. They are small, ball-bearing devices that the user can rotate between his or her fingers. The momentum of the toy provides a pleasing sensory experience, according to user reviews. Although they were invented in the 1990s, fidget spinners […]

YouTuber Dhinchak Pooja Is Back With Another Super Terrible Song ‘ Selfie Maine Leli Aaj’!

If you like viewing terribly cringeworthy stuff on YouTube then Dhinchak Pooja is one channel you should be following. Her videos are similar to Nouman Khan, whose claim to fame is awfully out of tune renditions of popular songs. However, Dhinchak Pooja, writes her original stuff. That’s some talent! Her songs are usually snippets emulating catchy beats […]

This Man’s Poetry On “The Privileges Of The Penis” Describes The Sad Reality Of Life

“We don’t read and write poetry because it’s cute. We read and write poetry because we are members of the human race. And the human race is filled with passion. And medicine, law, business, engineering, these are noble pursuits and necessary to sustain life. But poetry, beauty, romance, love, these are what we stay alive […]

Finding That One True Calling In Life Is Truly Overrated! And Here’s Why.

Remember when you were a kid and the kindergarten teacher asked what you wanted to be in life? In that moment, you were so sure you’d grow up to be an astronaut or a doctor. Then life happens. Fast forward to many years, you are in college, you have decided your major and you still […]

Karan Johar Reponds To A Twitter Troller’s ‘Chhaka Comment’ In The Classiest Way Possible!

Barkha Dutt’s new venture ‘Mojo’ kickstarted with a town hall with Karan Johar. In the town hall meeting, they touched upon various topics of his life. From the kind of films to his sexual orientation to surrogacy and the very recent Kangana Ranaut controversy. The open discussion was a great insight into Karan Johar’s mind and […]

These Comments Prove That Indian YouTube Is A Savage AF Place To Be On!

YouTube is the internet’s quicksand. You might trespass it thinking it is safe, but it can turn into a savage in an instant. Most of us are guilty of getting stuck in the comment section of the video. No matter how great the video is there is always that one person who has the worst yet […]

10 Coolest Work Places Around The World That Will Make You Want To Work There!

As soon as our college gets over, we jump on to our work life. So let’s actually calculate, we spend 8/9 hours at work and 1 hour minimum for travel. So that’s 60 hours per week. Isn’t it strange how we spend a majority of our day, thereby extending life at the workplace and not […]

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