IPL Drove To A Suspenseful Conclusion As Mumbai Indians Won With 1 Run, Naturally Twitter Has Some Opinions

So, the IPL final is over. India can put away its overpriced tickets and knock-off jerseys back into their closets and start focusing on something else. Like Baahubali. Or our jobs. But it’s not just that it ended, it’s in the how. With the Mumbai Indians scraping by with 1 run in the epic conclusion […]

Why Does India Hate Chetan Bhagat So Damn Much?

“Chetan Bhagat is a _____”. Most people aren’t going to fill that blank with anything positive. They might go with “idiot”, “talentless” or even “gandu”. But there is practically nobody who might acknowledge the fact that despite every single thing – he is more successful than most writers can hope to be. And it’s not […]

10 Horror Stories That Won’t Take More Than A Few Words To Make Your Blood Run Cold

If it takes just a little bit of creak out there for you to shit in your pants, perhaps, turn around right here! Could Instagram be a place where horror and fear are lurking out there, waiting for your one ‘follow’ button? Horrorphiles is one such account that might want you to keep the lights […]

Justin Bieber – He Came, He Saw, He Apparently Lip Synced And Twitter Is Furious

Justin Bieber. Naam to suna hi hoga. Because he refused to leave your Facebook and Instagram for a whole week. But you would think with the crazy publicity this 23-year-old is getting there would be a lot of praise for the actual show. But the burning allegation that actually showed up this morning was – Justin Bieber […]

This Man Held A Rat Like A Real Prisoner For Invading His House

Everyone is equal in the eyes of law and this Taiwanese man is no exception to this rule despite the fact that his culprit was a rat! Lee Wei-Chin from Taiwan imposed medieval punishment on a rodent for invading his house. The rat was held as a prisoner with chains and cuffs slapped around it. Source […]

How To Do Suhag Raat Properly According To Wikipedia – PS There’s A Dhobi Involved

‘Suhag raat’ is a very important Indian custom. At least if you believe Hindi movies. There is such pomp and ceremony attached to what should be a private ritual. Ideally, a married couple quietly gets to enjoy each other’s company and genitals. But like everything else in India, there are unnecessary steps we need to follow. […]

What Is The Most Useless Job In The World? Reddit Has Some Interesting Answers

Work sucks right? It probably does, otherwise you;d be doing your job and not reading this. But now that you’re here. We’d like you to appreciate just how good you have it. There are some truly thankless jobs out there. And by thankless we don’t mean appraisal accha nahi gaya. By thankless we mean the […]

13 WTF Stardust Magazine Covers That Will Make You Say ‘What Were They Thinking?’

Stardust Magazine was one of the earliest periodicals that dealt with Bollywood stars and the gossip surrounding them. Even though it was never the highest standard of journalism, it did have its place amongst fans. But like everything else made in India, if you look far behind, you’ll find something shady in its history. Thankfully […]

10 Porn Movie Titles We Found Hidden In The Lyrics To ‘Mohabbat Hai Mirchi’

Humanity is obsessed with sex. But Bollywood has famously tried to avoid the topic since its inception. Using the ‘everything but’ technique to its maximum potential. Which is why they have clearly been hiding disgusting messages in the funniest places. Like the 2002 hit song Mohabbat Hain Mirchi. Featuring the talents of Zaheer Khan and […]

Someone Wrote An Obituary For Vinod Kambli On Twitter, And The Cricketer Lashed Out

Vinod Kambli is known to have a temper. So, obviously, if someone would assume him to be dead and even give a tribute to him on Twitter, he will not take it lightly. But something like that happened yesterday. So, actor Vinod Khanna passed away yesterday. Tributes were flying thick and fast about the legendary […]

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