10 Of The World’s Stupidest Wedding Traditions That Will Make You Thankful For Being Single

See. You’re married, so you’re already screwed. You decided to do this. You picked one human and decided to only do the bang-bang with them for the rest of your life. Or you live in India and your parents picked one human for their offspring to permanently bang bang with. Everything considered, however, your wedding […]

This Fascinating Map Will Tell You What The World’s Countries Are Best At And Some Results Are Hilarious!

Not all men and women are created equal. Some of us are dealing with shit while the rest fo us are busy dealing with a bunch of different shit. We’re all unique and thus, we are uniquely bad/good at certain things. Maybe you sucked at Mathematics or Geography, or you Science teacher was too attractive […]

Photographer Hired To Shoot Wedding Celebrations Ends Up Getting Shot By AK-47. By The Groom!

Normal people celebrate their wedding with music and extravagance. Most even hire a photographer to capture these wonderful moments. The wedding celebration however differed for this groom in Lebanon. He chose to celebrate his new martial status by firing an AK-47 into the air. What he didn’t take into account was¬†Newton’s Third Law. Every action […]

This Man Got So Stressed Out With His Day To Day Life, He Decided To Become A Goat

Life is pretty sucky, right? You travel for an hour to a job you may or may not love. If you hate it, shit. If you love it, your day will inevitably be ruined by the woman on the train whose elbow has fallen in love with your face. You may have love problems, digestion […]

An Air India Flight Distributes Newspapers When The AC Malfunctions, Twitter Rants

There are many things that can possibly go wrong when the flight takes off. The Air India customers learned a different kind of discomfort, last Sunday. Air India made the passengers breathless on a flight from Bagdogra to Delhi and not in a nice way. The air conditioning system on the flight stopped working. When […]

Chinese Granny Throws Coins Into A Flight Engine For ‘Luck’ And Delays Flight

Turns out Indians aren’t the only ones who are superstitious. The Chinese are quite serious about their superstitions too. This story is real, but it is tough to take it seriously! An elderly woman on a flight from Shangai delayed the flight for¬†Guangzhou (in southern China) and stalled other 150 travelers in the name of […]

10 People So Stupid, They Will Be Doing The World A Lot Of Good If They Don’t Procreate. Like Ever!

Some people are born stupid and others just make fun of it. Today, I shall try to thrust stupidity upon you, since that seems to be going around the internet quite freely. There are two types of people: idiots and then there are stupid people who SHOULD not procreate and add more misery to humanity. […]

We Couldn’t Understand This Song From Munna Michael. Can You?

They say, in Bollywood, end mein sab kuchh achha ho jaata hai. Happy ending! But ‘they’ never mention what happens if someone messes it up in the middle, making it really difficult to hold on till the end. This is where most of the new Bollywood songs come into the picture. While inserting a random […]

Summer Is Here And It’s Time To Take A Dip – Just Not In These Horrendous Swimsuits!

Summers in India is that rare time of the year. The time when you can get away with saying the words “It’s hot” over and over again to anyone who will listen. Which is why it is but natural to want to shimmy into comfortable swimsuits and take a dive. Two problems with this idea […]

Sofia Hayat Makes Love To Her Husband In Her New Music Video, Says ‘Intimacy Is Sacred’ *Eyerolls*

Sofia Hayat the former nun, actress, singer, model has been in the news for a lot of things. Is there career in showbiz that she hasn’t ventured into. She has been ‘enlightening’ us about the powers of sexual intimacy and spirituality and how it can change our lives. The last time she was in news, […]

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