Current and Ex-Employees Claim Swiggy Has Been Cheating Customers And Investors

So, for anybody who Googled Swiggy today, it seems like something has gone horribly wrong. Source Uh oh! So it turns out the app that’s responsible for keeping you fed when you lied to your mom about making your own meals is having some troubles. So what happened? Turns out 4 employees of Swiggy, 2 […]

“It’s So Hot, I Could Fry An Egg On The Footpath” Is A Cliche, But This Guy Has A Video To Prove It

I have been to Dubai exactly one time, it was horrible. The food was the one thing that kept me going for the 37 hours I was in the country. Otherwise the Dubai I ended up seeing was a series of air-conditioned rooms and a giant ass mall where I couldn’t afford anything. But it […]

Hi Ladies, In Case You Were Feeling A Little Too Empowered Today, Take A Look At Some Sexist Ads From The Past

“Grab them by the pu$$y” Source This timeless quote from the 45 President of the United States conclusively proves, sexism is dead. Yes, it does. No need to argue. Naturally, you might think that I, as a female write am being unnecessarily aggressive. I am. Probably. But you have to excuse me this one time […]

Woman Records Husband Snoring and Remixes It With Despacito

Snoring is basically the vibration of the respiratory structures. The obstructed air movement while breathing in your sleep creates the sound. The sound is mostly loud. There is no way to escape it if you sleep next to the one who snores. It is difficult. Especially if that person is your partner, you’ll never be […]

The TV Serial Romance With A 10 YO Kid And A Woman Just Aired And Stuff Just Got Weirder

Pehredaar Piya Ki recently aired its first episode. When it comes to Indian TV Soaps, there is little to expect from an industry that gathers maximum TRP’s through women who turn into Naagins to even worse, a ‘housefly’. It is seldom that a Indian daily¬†soap picks up a topic that appeals to the masses and […]

Baba Ramdev Is Now Launching ‘Parakram Suraksha’, His First Foray Into The Security Business

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think Baba Ramdev? Source Probably not security details. Or guns. Or security details…with guns. But the founder of Patanjali is anything but predictable which is why he is now turning his attentions towards the security business. The latest update being his veery own security firm. […]

In Weird News: Man Caught At Chandigarh Airport Smuggling Gold Up His Ass

There are things that happen in this country that sometimes ends up being downright weird! This is one of those moments which make you go,’WTF!’. A man from Ulhasnagar, Mumbai was caught in the act of smuggling 407 grams of gold at Chandigarh Airport. The 24-karat gold was concealed in his rectum! The man – […]

10 Of The World’s Stupidest Wedding Traditions That Will Make You Thankful For Being Single

See. You’re married, so you’re already screwed. You decided to do this. You picked one human and decided to only do the bang-bang with them for the rest of your life. Or you live in India and your parents picked one human for their offspring to permanently bang bang with. Everything considered, however, your wedding […]

This Fascinating Map Will Tell You What The World’s Countries Are Best At And Some Results Are Hilarious!

Not all men and women are created equal. Some of us are dealing with shit while the rest fo us are busy dealing with a bunch of different shit. We’re all unique and thus, we are uniquely bad/good at certain things. Maybe you sucked at Mathematics or Geography, or you Science teacher was too attractive […]

Photographer Hired To Shoot Wedding Celebrations Ends Up Getting Shot By AK-47. By The Groom!

Normal people celebrate their wedding with music and extravagance. Most even hire a photographer to capture these wonderful moments. The wedding celebration however differed for this groom in Lebanon. He chose to celebrate his new martial status by firing an AK-47 into the air. What he didn’t take into account was¬†Newton’s Third Law. Every action […]

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