Here Are 8 Tweets That Prove That KRK On RARE Occasions Does Make Sense!

Disclaimer: This article should be read with and in a sarcastic tone. If you have no sense of sarcasm, I deeply regret your lack of wry humor. KRK is trolled unfairly on Twitter. It takes immense talent to be famous for doing so little. His contribution to cinema has been revolutionary, to say the least. […]

Guinness World Records: This Lady Has Got Eyelashes That Go Farther Than Our Eyesight!

When it comes to Guinness World Records, there are all sorts of weird records that happen to find their winners in the archives. But what according to you would be the weirdest human body part related world record ever made? Well, here is a lady that is known to have the longest eyelashes in the […]

20 Photos That Prove That India Will Always Remain The King Of Jugaad

India is known for its cultural diversity and its religious sentiments. We have everything under one roof, from diverse languages to lip smacking dishes on the platter. We are also known for our developing tactics, our grim fights over the most inane issues, conventionalism, love for cleanliness and what not. But if there is one […]

Here Are 6 Things That Most Of Us Indians Do Not Know And Will Find Shocking!

India is a fascinating country. The region and the cultures are so diverse that we still cannot comprehend them all. There are so many hidden skeletons and facts about our nation that will surprise you. This Quora thread was surely a revelation! Here are some of the most shocking things that we as Indian’s ought to […]

10 Shocking Confessions By The Movie Theater Staff That Prove People Are The Worst!

Some people just don’t understand the concept of nice, especially at movie theaters.

16 Pictures Of Fruits That Are Definitely A Pun Intended By Mother Nature

Fruits are healthy for us. But can a random picture of a fruit prove to be fatal? Well, seems nature has its own ways going all punny on us! sometimes, thing go haywire and the final product is a sheer pun intended by nature! These 16 pictures of fruits are simply ridiculous and make you […]

15 Utterly Bizarre Pair Of Shoes That Would Make You Bang Your Heads On The Screen

The world is a very strange place. But even stranger are the people in the world of fashion. Just when we thought we had enough of talent in the world of couture with the most bizarre denim trends that the world has seen, here we are with 15 strange shoes! Not only are these shoes […]

Current and Ex-Employees Claim Swiggy Has Been Cheating Customers And Investors

So, for anybody who Googled Swiggy today, it seems like something has gone horribly wrong. Source Uh oh! So it turns out the app that’s responsible for keeping you fed when you lied to your mom about making your own meals is having some troubles. So what happened? Turns out 4 employees of Swiggy, 2 […]

“It’s So Hot, I Could Fry An Egg On The Footpath” Is A Cliche, But This Guy Has A Video To Prove It

I have been to Dubai exactly one time, it was horrible. The food was the one thing that kept me going for the 37 hours I was in the country. Otherwise the Dubai I ended up seeing was a series of air-conditioned rooms and a giant ass mall where I couldn’t afford anything. But it […]

Hi Ladies, In Case You Were Feeling A Little Too Empowered Today, Take A Look At Some Sexist Ads From The Past

“Grab them by the pu$$y” Source This timeless quote from the 45 President of the United States conclusively proves, sexism is dead. Yes, it does. No need to argue. Naturally, you might think that I, as a female write am being unnecessarily aggressive. I am. Probably. But you have to excuse me this one time […]

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