10 People So Stupid, They Will Be Doing The World A Lot Of Good If They Don’t Procreate. Like Ever!

Some people are born stupid and others just make fun of it. Today, I shall try to thrust stupidity upon you, since that seems to be going around the internet quite freely. There are two types of people: idiots and then there are stupid people who SHOULD not procreate and add more misery to humanity. […]

We Couldn’t Understand This Song From Munna Michael. Can You?

They say, in Bollywood, end mein sab kuchh achha ho jaata hai. Happy ending! But ‘they’ never mention what happens if someone messes it up in the middle, making it really difficult to hold on till the end. This is where most of the new Bollywood songs come into the picture. While inserting a random […]

Summer Is Here And It’s Time To Take A Dip – Just Not In These Horrendous Swimsuits!

Summers in India is that rare time of the year. The time when you can get away with saying the words “It’s hot” over and over again to anyone who will listen. Which is why it is but natural to want to shimmy into comfortable swimsuits and take a dive. Two problems with this idea […]

Sofia Hayat Makes Love To Her Husband In Her New Music Video, Says ‘Intimacy Is Sacred’ *Eyerolls*

Sofia Hayat the former nun, actress, singer, model has been in the news for a lot of things. Is there career in showbiz that she hasn’t ventured into. She has been ‘enlightening’ us about the powers of sexual intimacy and spirituality and how it can change our lives. The last time she was in news, […]

Ugly And Useless:10 ‘Fashion Pieces’ By Designers That Should Never Have Existed!

Fashion is often associated with trendy clothes and having a presentable appearance. The beauty of fashion is that it is ever-changing. However, there is also a dark side to it. The dark side called utter nonsense and useless in real life. Fashion houses continuously try to push the envelope by creating world class designs. Sometimes […]

This Couple Having Sex In The Flight Is The New Definition Of ‘No Fucks Given’

A couple was filmed having sexual intercourse on a Ryanair flight while passengers looked on and one, filmed the incident using his phone. We’ve seen it in a number of romantic comedies, where the couple goes into the lavatory, and come out looking sheepish but satisfied. But seeing one in real life might be nasty or extremely […]

Pakistan Searches For Some Really Shady Porn On Google, Most Of Them Are Just Disturbing!

Pakistan has been up to some really shady stuff online. Watching porn is nothing new, when normal people around the world are busy searching for things involving humans, Pakistan decides to go cutting-edge. It seems they have bestiality on their mind. A video on YouTube discloses their most searched terms on Google. According to them, […]

This Insanely Rich 15 Year Old Boy Will Make You Jealous Of His Charmed Life

What were you doing at 15? Wasting time watching cartoons? Wasting more time hitting on women who wouldn’t give you bhav? Studying? – lol no. But there is one 15 year old who is living the life you were dreaming of in your 40s right now. Rashed Belhasa, or as he styles himself- Money Kicks. […]

#विश्व_पोहा_दिवस : India’s Favourite Breakfast – Poha – Has It’s Own Day And Twitter Is Celebrating!

Poha is amazing. It’s light, dry, delicious, you can eat it on the train without harassing people. It is the best way you can utilise rice if you’re vegetarian. It’s filling and it’s cheap. So it’s but natural people are eager to celebrate it. Which is why back in 2015 something amazing happened. These were […]

These 10 Craziest College Degrees Around The World Will Give You A Fit Of Jealously

India is obsessed with Engineers and doctors. This is a fact and a custom in the country. If you are sick of people falling for these predictable college degrees, just like you did, the future looks better for others. There are courses for literally the silliest things under the sun. Are you a fan of […]

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