7 Legendary Historic Kings And Queens Who Were Nuttier Than A Snickers Bar

Kings and Queens are pretty cool. If you think inherited power without merit is cool. But you really can’t deny the important role monarchies played throughout history and some do even today. Which is why there is a certain standard of behaviour one really expects from men and women who wear the crown. So it’s […]

Unhappy With The Dating Scene, A Woman Marries A Man Who’s Been Dead For 300 Years

Dating sucks. Source We know it, you know it, the guy sitting across from you as you’re reading this knows it. There are of course those fortunate assholes who find true love and end up happily ever after. But for the rest of us, it’s just one disappointment after another as we wait for the […]

Forget Cocaine, Heroin And Weed, Chocolate Is The Newest Drug That People Are Getting High On

Do you like your crippling drug addiction with a side helping of diabetes? Then this has to be the product for you. Source Cocaine, Heroin and LSD have all had their time and are remembered fondly by people from all walks of life. From incarcerated prisoners to movie stars, many around the world have been […]

10 Shocking Confessions By The Movie Theater Staff That Prove People Are The Worst!

Some people just don’t understand the concept of nice, especially at movie theaters.

Here are 10 Most Bizarre People Living On This Planet Right Now!

The world is a strange place and being normal is totally overrated. We meet all sorts of people who have strange obsessions and habits. However, some people surpass all things normal and do things that are bound to make you stop and go WTF! 1.┬áThe man who lived on the airport Have you watched ‘The […]

14 Of The Most Creative And Unfortunate Restaurant Names From Around The World

Let us all take a moment to appreciate restaurants. For a nominal fee, they make food appear in front of our lazy faces and we never give them the credit they’re due. Because just like pop stars and actors, it’s not enough that a restaurant should just be good at one thing. They’re expected to […]

These 18 Funny Titles Were Digital Media’s Gift To The World; Not A Very Good Gift

Here are some titles that we found on the Internet have just one response: EWWWWWW

12 Weird Toilets That Could Poo-sibly Be The Funniest Way To Take A Dump

Toilets are a place where you sit and put your existential crisis on a slow burner.

10 Catchiest Writings Found On Public Toilet Walls That Are Hilarious AF!

Next time you use a public restroom, keep your eyes open!

10 Porn Movie Titles We Found Hidden In The Lyrics To ‘Mohabbat Hai Mirchi’

Humanity is obsessed with sex. But Bollywood has famously tried to avoid the topic since its inception. Using the ‘everything but’ technique to its maximum potential. Which is why they have clearly been hiding disgusting messages in the funniest places. Like the 2002 hit song Mohabbat Hai Mirchi. Featuring the talents of Zayed Khan and […]

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