Weddings In India

This Bride’s Epic Pre-Wedding Dance Is Making The Internet Stop What It’s Doing To Take A Look

Weddings in India are typically heavy occasions. There’s an Indian bride, an Indian groom, a typically angry looking priest and a bunch of relatives at various levels of sobriety. Source But like everything else in our great nation, people are taking traditions and making them their own. Like this epic bride from Satna, Madhya Pradesh. […]

Wedding In UP Gets Called Off After Bride’s Family Doesn’t Serve Beef

In a weird incidence of wedding day demands, a wedding in Rampur, Uttar Pradesh got called off when the groom’s family demanded beef dishes to be served at the wedding buffet, and the bride’s family could not manage it. That is not all, however. Apparently, the groom’s family was even demanding a car as dowry, […]

A Hindu-Muslim Couple Skips Religious Ceremonies To Celebrate Their Wedding In A ‘Grand’ New Way

Secularism in our country is a very subjective word! It finds itself sitting proudly in the preamble, but is often denied a seat at weddings! Weddings in India to a very large extent come with conditions apply- we have the caste, the culture and above all the religion. If any one of them doesn’t match, […]

This Indian Bride’s Fancy Version Of Sia’s Song ‘Cheap Thrills’ Is Going Viral!

For every bride, her wedding is the last chapter of her “Cinderella story” and the beginning of her “Happy ever after”. It’s the one day that she has been dreaming, secretly preparing for since forever, and when the day finally comes, every bride is on cloud nine. And what is even more important is that […]

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