Celebrate Dhanteras With 11 Tweets That Are Worth Their Weight In Gold

So, Dhanteras is here, which means it’s time to tell your boss you’re going home to meet your family.And then go to the bar to meet 750 ml of Old Monk. Source But there is more to this festival than purely material pleasures, like gifts and gold on Dhanteras. It’s about love and togetherness and […]

16 KBC Memes That Make Paying Your Internet Bills Totally Worth It

Have you watched Kaun Banega Crorepati? Yes.   Source The show has taken over everything you care about. From making sure that you feel like an ignorant moron over dinner to interrupting all sexy activities between 9 pm to 10 pm. The show is unstoppable, inescapable and pretty fun to watch when you get over […]

13 Totally Unrelated Tweets That Will Make Your Friday Go A Little Faster

Friday is here. One more day before you can stop wearing pants in the morning, yay!  Source Friday is the almost there day. The day where you’re inexplicably close to the weekend. You know you can make it, but you’re not sure how. Because even as the clock ticks away, and the possibilities that the […]

Even Computerji Can’t Comprehend Twitter’s Epic Amitabh Bachchan KBC Memes

It’s Amitabh Bachchan’s birthday people! And the internet wished him in the best way possible – by making him trend. Source Amitabh Bachchan has remained relevant and inventive through the entire course of his career. Whether it was his earlier defining roles in Coolie or Don or his latest ventures like Paa, he’s never far away […]

10 Zabardast Hindi Headlines About Hrithik And Kangana’s Sansanikhez Affair

Admit it. You know more about the Hrithik Kangana debacle than you do about your taxes. Source (L),(R) And it’s not like we haven’t taken full advantage either. Like every other proud publication in the country, we are happy to report on the greatest issues plaguing the country today. Whether Hrithik Roshan’s steely eyes speak […]

Times Of India’s Unexpectedly Sexy Comic Strip Shocked Readers For All The Wrong Reasons

The Times Of India is still one of India’s most prestigious news sources. Or at least one of the most widely read. Either way, it will not do to have sex widely featured on their pages for some reason. Source Ignore that. Apart from that little glitch, Times Of India has maintained a relatively safe […]

Supreme Court Bans The Sale Of Firecrackers In Delhi And This Is What Twitterati Has To Say

The Supreme Court passed a ban on the sale of firecrackers in Delhi. The Supreme Court has restored a ban on the sale of firecrackers till 1st of November. The ban applies in Delhi and the nearby states stating it wants to access the difference to the air quality. According to NDTV, In November last […]

Yuvraj Singh Requested Fans To Avoid Firecrackers This Diwali And It Blew Up In His Face

Twitter is pointless enough as it is. But the few times people use it to try sending a positive message, it almost never works out. Something Yuvraj Singh should have kept in mind. Source Yuvraj Singh decided to try his hand at spreading a social message on Twitter. About Diwali and just how much harm […]

People On Twitter Couldn’t Digest The Sarcasm In Twinkle Khanna’s Tweet On Karwa Chauth

Some people just don’t understand the art of sarcasm, unlike Twinkle Khanna.

Twitter Can’t Believe Some Of The Things Hrithik Said In His Interview With Arnab

Every time, you open your social media account, a new Hrithik- Kangana’s allegation turns up on your feed. While this has been going on since few years, Hrithik finally decided to talk about the matter on a public platform. What started with a silly remark about an ex, snowballed into a full-blown criminal investigation about stalking. Today, […]

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