Remember The English Cricketer Who Wanted To Marry Kohli? Here’s What She Has To Say Now

“Tu pyaar hai kisi aur ka.. tujhe chahta koi aur hai.” Virat Kohli is arguably the best cricketer of our generation. From winning tournaments to leading from the front, the Delhi man has done it all for his country. Yesterday, he finally got married to the love of his life – Anushka Sharma. Last night, […]

Here’s How The Bollywood Clan Wished The Gorgeous Couple Virat And Anushka On Their New Innings

Today, we celebrate the stunning couple Virat and Anushka are. Like all of us on the internet, the Bollywood clan also did their bit in celebrating the couple! There have been wishes, blessings and love for their new innings in life. It is a happy sight when two of the nations favorite people promises to […]

Shah Rukh Khan Gives Fans A Peek Into His Personal Life Through His Latest #AskSRK

The King Khan of Bollywood – Shah Rukh Khan – made a comeback to television with TEDTalks India yesterday. To mark this occasion, SRK decided to treat his fans with an impromptu #AskSRK session on Twitter. Shah Rukh Khan answered questions from fans on a live Twitter chat on Sunday and his answers, tweeted with […]

Folks Are Creating 4-Word Happy Stories Of Their Dreams And They Are Very Relatable

Happy stories are not everyone’s niche. It takes a certain wordplay to strike the cord. It is especially tougher when you have the word limit of only 4. Sounds like a dreadful challenge right? Not for Twitter. Write a happy story in 4 words — Tèmítáyọ̀ Onílù (@EmiNiTybaba) November 30, 2017 The thing about these […]

Mumbai Police Shoots Down Popular Villains Using Memes And That’s The Justice We Need

If I had to point out the best social media account, it has to be the Mumbai police Twitter page. From witty replies to being always ready to help, to freshly brewed content… Mumbai Police is the coolest. The brave men and women of the Indian police departments have taken it upon themselves to entertain […]

As Rahul Gandhi Becomes President Of The Congress, Twitter Makes Him President Of Memes

What would the world be like if it had no Rahul Gandhi? The sheer thought gives jitters to the meme community of India. Rahul Gandhi has been a steady inspiration for the meme community through thick and thin. Overstating his presence in India’s humor circuit is simply impossible. So when news broke out about meme […]

The Mumbai Rains Are Totally Unexpected, Twitter Reacting Sarcastically Is Not

Oh no! Mumbai’s screwed once again… Source Cyclone Ockhi has devastated Sri Lanka and the Maldives. Its first impact on India was made in Kerala and Tamil Nadu. The cyclone has not only caused immense property damage but has also claimed lives and is beginning to affect regions that are typically inexperienced with rains in December. […]

Richa Chadda Is Not Pleased With Fans Who Chased Her On Motorcycles Asking For A Selfie

Bollywood fans a little obsessed, let us safely agree on this. Source  An industry that has realized thousands of dreams is bound to have an enviable following. But unlike other countries, India goes a little overboard when showing their appreciation for the whole thing. Which is something Richa Chadda discovered to her detriment this weekend. […]

Shraddha Kapoor’s Marilyn Monroe Post Got Trolled Faster Than Green Tea Reduces Body Fat

Does anybody like Green Tea? Anybody? Well, at least Shraddha Kapoor is brilliant at pretending she does. Source If the advertisement is anything to go by, Shraddha Kapoor be sippin’ on that tea all the time. But just how Marilyn Monroe got dragged into this little love affair is quite entertaining. As we know, celebrities love […]

The Responses To ‘What Is Your Earliest Memory?’ Will Give You A Good Nostalgia Trip

Memories are a tricky thing. You remember the bits and pieces of it and sometimes you recreate a figment of your imagination. Age and nostalgia do that to you. We remember the most poignant moments from our lives, they stay there at the back of our minds, waiting for the doors to be opened and unleashed. […]

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