Samsung Brutally Trolling Apple In This Ad Will Be Remembered For Years To Come

Apple fans are incredibly loyal and only slightly delusional. We’ve all heard about how Apple fans stand in line for a new product for days. The loyalty to this company is unmatched. Their competitors have fans too, but definitely not ones with an almost cult-like reverence for the brand. On Sunday, Samsung rolled out a […]

Priyanka Chopra Gave A Fitting Reply To A User Who Tried To Troll Her

Priyanka Chopra is known for her dedication when it comes to her work. She is juggling between her Bollywood movie, her production house and also shooting for a Hollywood movie. She remains busy throughout the year barely takes time out for a vacation. Ran into these two at #TIFF…cool or creepy, still deciding. #JamesBond #PahunaPressDay […]

Karan Johar Blasts Twitter Trolls On Twitter Once Again & Shows Us Why He Is The Boss

As much of a boon, social media is quite the bane too! Not just common people, even celebrities have to face the music on social media. Trolls are unforgiving. Trolls are cruel. Trolls are also supremely democratic. As several of Bollywood’s social media fraternity have discovered the hard way, a virtual army of trolls is […]

Adhyayen Suman Tries Defending His Dad Shekhar Suman On Twitter, Ends Up Getting Trolled Miserably

Shekhar Suman is not exactly the epitome of acting talent. Some might say the Ghanta Awards might be missing his presence in the industry. Recently, he tried trolling an actress, whose name we can only infer from this tweet.This tweet is the culprit and the proof that celebrities need a book to interact on twitter called […]

People Trolled Kejriwal After He Tried To Troll PM Narendra Modi On A Tweet

Our Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi is known to be one of the most social media savvy and is in always constant touch with people. He tweets about the upcoming speeches, seminars, events, his thoughts and much more. So, it’s no surprise that he used twitter to talk about his day. He Tweeted- Skipped Yoga […]

Shilpa Shetty Misinterprets George Orwell’s Animal Farm And Twitter Can’t Resist Trolling Her!

Shilpa Shetty recently became the laughing stock of the twitter world owing to her ignorance to one of the most popular classics, The Animal Farm, an analogy of the Russian Revolution by George Orwell. Recently, in her conversation with Mumbai Times, Shetty was asked about her views on including popular characters in the new reading syllabus for […]

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