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Karan Johar’s Series Of ‘Dear Life’ Tweets Show That He’s Like Just All Of Us!

Don’t we all take up on social media when we are upset or when we want to rant about general things in life? Well, we are not the only ones doing that. Karan Johar has been posting tweets about life every day and believe me, they are relatable AF! Recently, Karan, who is now the […]

Karan Johar Blasts Twitter Trolls On Twitter Once Again & Shows Us Why He Is The Boss

As much of a boon, social media is quite the bane too! Not just common people, even celebrities have to face the music on social media. Trolls are unforgiving. Trolls are cruel. Trolls are also supremely democratic. As several of Bollywood’s social media fraternity have discovered the hard way, a virtual army of trolls is […]

8 Things We Want Facebook To Stop Doing To Us Right Now

Facebook is basically all of us these days. Right from our smartphones to our lives, this is one social media site that is ruling us in and out. From our never ending friend lists to our photo albums to a repertoire of all the places we have ever been to, Facebook has our life noted […]

These ‘High On Hormones’ Facebook Creeps Are So Funny We Just Couldn’t Report Them!

We really don’t need to give you a tour of how interesting Facebook has been for us, from sharing “What’s on your mind”, to your pictures to letting people know the exact location where you just pee-ed! Other than your friends, there someone else too who has an eye for you. These nocturnal species is […]

April The Giraffe Had A Baby And The Internet Came Up With The Most Bizarre Names!

Asking anything from the internet can be a tricky thing. This incident involving April the Giraffe and her newborn is a very good example of it. To give you context, Animal Adventure Park in New York has a very popular resident – April the Giraffe – and she had a baby just a few days earlier. The […]

People Should Just Get Over These 10 Stupid Social Media Trends, Like ASAP!

Disclaimer #1: If you get offended easily, do not read this. Disclaimer #2: This article is not talking about you, it is about your ‘friend’. Social media churns out fads on a weekly basis. Some of them are genuinely good and useful, while others are utter shite. Pardon my french. The people of course flock to trends […]

Irish Woman Yells At Ireland Train Passengers,Tells Them To “Go Back To India”

Recently, a video of Irish women blurting out racist comments on a passenger in Limerick train have been boiling up the Internet. A woman was captured in a video, spewing racist comments towards fellow Asian passengers, for placing a bag on ‘an empty seat’. Another passenger on the train recorded the video and posted it […]

Did You Know Facebook Let’s You Block Out Your Least Favourite Memories On Particular Days?

Just imagine you broke up with this awful person a couple of years ago. Actually, exactly two years ago, to the day almost. You’re over it, but would rather not think about it too much. You’re moving on with life and scrolling through their Facebook feed when BAM! Turns out that horrible person got married […]

Katy Perry Puts Up Maa Kaali Photo On Instagram And Indians Obviously Had Something To Say

What is India famous for? Being diverse not just geographically but culturally also. This is something we learnt in school and saw it in our daily lives. We boast of living in a nation where we keep our religion aside and unite against anyone who tried to harm our ‘Bharat Mata.’ But from a Hindu friend organising […]

Bengaluru City Police’s Tweets On Road Safety Are Hilariously Witty!

Cybercrime has increased exponentially in the past five years and it’s a definite cause for concern. Police has not just become aware of the crimes that happen but also creates awareness for the citizens as well. If you think that witty is your middle name then you have to check out Mumbai Police’s Twitter handle! […]

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