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HBO Was Hacked Again But This Time It Was Their Social Media Accounts

By this time, I am sure your Facebook feed by now must be filled with videos and articles talking about the latest episode leak of Game Of Thrones. From what happened (the leak) to people’s reaction to the episode is all that everyone is talking about! But it seems that the trouble for HBO doesn’t […]

If Bollywood Stars Were On Sarahah, This Is What It Would Look Like!

What if these serial Bollywood offenders ended up on this app?

Did You Know The Difference Between An Emoji, An Emoticon, And A Smiley?

The smartphone generation keeps us all hooked to our devices all the day. Thanks to endless applications, we have a solution to everything through the tiny (not so tiny, these days) phone in our hands. Phones are getting smarter and are nowhere limited to making calls only. The biggest boom is in the telecommunication industry, […]

Takeaway From The IIFA Awards: Are Celebrities Somewhere Obsessed With Offending And Apologizing?

To err is human, to forgive is divine. And nothing glorifies this better than the celebrities of Bollywood or the internet, except that forgiveness is what they expect and err-ing is becoming their everyday ritual. Scroll through the feed of your Twitter account and there is nothing but two kinds of people making sure the […]

Karan Johar’s Series Of ‘Dear Life’ Tweets Show That He’s Like Just All Of Us!

Don’t we all take up on social media when we are upset or when we want to rant about general things in life? Well, we are not the only ones doing that. Karan Johar has been posting tweets about life every day and believe me, they are relatable AF! Recently, Karan, who is now the […]

Karan Johar Blasts Twitter Trolls On Twitter Once Again & Shows Us Why He Is The Boss

As much of a boon, social media is quite the bane too! Not just common people, even celebrities have to face the music on social media. Trolls are unforgiving. Trolls are cruel. Trolls are also supremely democratic. As several of Bollywood’s social media fraternity have discovered the hard way, a virtual army of trolls is […]

8 Things We Want Facebook To Stop Doing To Us Right Now

Facebook is basically all of us these days. Right from our smartphones to our lives, this is one social media site that is ruling us in and out. From our never ending friend lists to our photo albums to a repertoire of all the places we have ever been to, Facebook has our life noted […]

These ‘High On Hormones’ Facebook Creeps Are So Funny We Just Couldn’t Report Them!

We really don’t need to give you a tour of how interesting Facebook has been for us, from sharing “What’s on your mind”, to your pictures to letting people know the exact location where you just pee-ed! Other than your friends, there someone else too who has an eye for you. These nocturnal species is […]

April The Giraffe Had A Baby And The Internet Came Up With The Most Bizarre Names!

Asking anything from the internet can be a tricky thing. This incident involving April the Giraffe and her newborn is a very good example of it. To give you context, Animal Adventure Park in New York has a very popular resident – April the Giraffe – and she had a baby just a few days earlier. The […]

People Should Just Stop Doing These 9 Stupid Things On Social Media, Like ASAP!

Disclaimer #1: If you get offended easily, do not read this. Disclaimer #2: This article is not talking about you, it is about your ‘friend’. Social media churns out fads on a weekly basis. Some of them are genuinely good and useful, while others are utter shite. Pardon my french. The people of course flock to trends […]

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