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Throwback To When Karan Johar Tried To Recreate Kuch Kuch Hota Hai With A Sci Fi Twist

So 19 years ago, ‘Kuch Kuch Hota Hai’ taught us that pyaar dosti hai. Almost two decades ago, we understood that kuch kuch hota hai and we all have a Rahul who doesn’t understand. And we still can’t get over the fact that Anjali chose Rahul over Aman. All said and done, we can still manage […]

Shah Rukh Khan Made A Sassy Comeback When A Journalist Called Him ‘Salman Khan’ Repeatedly

There’s a reason why Shah Rukh Khan is called the wittiest of them all! Shah Rukh Khan is known for his sense of humor and sass, of course. This man has some classy comebacks and knows what to say when. Recently, the superstar was at an event for Star and a journalist called him ‘Salman […]

Shah Rukh Khan And Kumar Sanu On This Old DD Show Is Pure Nostalgia!

There was a time when Doordarshan was a huge thing. The talk show on this vintage channel was the place where celebrities came to perform. Big names like Shah Rukh Khan and Kumar Sanu too were present on the said show. A video of these two big names from the 90s will make you miss simpler […]

10 Bollywood Celebrities Who Worked For These Roles Without Charging Any Money

Celebrities are known to earn loads of money. Not only do they act in the movies but Bollywood industry has opened multiple doors for its inhabitants to earn. While some take it through advertising, brand campaigns, cameos or even modeling, many also open up parallel production houses to make sure that their bank accounts are […]

You’ll Be Shocked To Know That These 5 Bollywood Celebs Fought Depression

Depression is something that deserves a lot of attention. Bollywood’s realistic portrayal of mental illness was seen in Dear Zindagi. Alia Bhatt’s character seeks help from her psychiatrist which was played by Shah Rukh Khan. The movie tried to break that stigma around mental illness and seeking help. According to WHO, over 5 million Indians […]

7 Lesser Known Stories About Shah Rukh Khan That Will Make You Love Him Even More

King Khan has been ruling our hearts and the box office ever since he entered Bollywood. There is so much written about King Khan every day and we only want to know more about the superstar. The man has come a long way since his ‘Fauji’ days. Shah Rukh Khan’s story of struggle has been […]

Back In 1998, Shah Rukh Khan Gave His Best Actor Award To Salman Khan

SRK had won the Zee Cine Award best actor award for ‘Dil Toh Pagal Hai‘. The SRK-Salman spat was very controversial. The two superstars patched up and now give us bromance goals. The two shared a great rapport during the 90’s. They also starred in two movies together, ‘Karan Arjun’ and ‘Kuch Kuch Hota Hai’. […]

20 Photos From Behind The Scenes Of Your Favorite Bollywood Movies

We have only seen the magic Bollywood creates on the screen. Who doesn’t remember this scene? We wonder how much time they must have taken to get the shot right. Bollywood has been a part of every Indian’s life. We know the songs, we love the dialogues, and we idolize the superstars! There is so […]

SRK Answers The Most Googled Questions About Him With His Trademark Sass On Rajeev Masand’s Show

Shah Rukh Khan is a legend in Bollywood for his contribution to the film industry. He is charismatic, dapper and always the most intelligent person in a room. He carries his stardom with an ease that not many can brag about. This is not the only thing he is great at. Shah Rukh Khan’s wit and […]

8 Movies From 1997 That Will Make You Wonder What Bollywood Is Up To In 2017

1997 was a great year for Bollywood. It’s 2017, we’re not so happy about. We rewind 2 decades back and show you how brilliant Bollywood was back then. We know that times have changed but Bollywood gave us some fine films that year. This year, the audience has mostly been disappointed. Superstars, big budgets, and no […]

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