Twitter User Tries To Troll Aadhar’s Twitter Account And Their Sass Catches Everyone Offguard

So Aadhar cards are now a thing. Because people looked at a PAN number and thought – that number is way too easy to memorize. Source But, despite minor inconveniences, the unique identity number resolves more issues than it creates. But India can’t really be grateful about anything, including the Aadhar Card without trolling online. […]

8 Extremely Unfortunate Underwear Trends Throughout History

Everybody is wearing underwear, hopefully. Everyone is happy about it, again, hopefully. Underwear serves an important but simple function, keeping the “andar ki baat’ where it’s meant to be, “andar”. It protects your most important bits from the wind, rain, heat and cold. It’s warm, comfortable and practical, all at the same time. But like […]

10 Hilarious Copycat Versions Of Brands You Know And Love

Brands play an extremely important role in 2017. They’re the way you can differentiate between the people who can afford Adidas and the ones who are happy to not spend a fortune on shoes with special stripes on them. Source But sometimes, you have to appreciate the effort that goes into making these counterfeit products. […]

10 Cheesy AF Quotes That Are So Irritating That They Should Be Destroyed, Forever!

Some quotes inspire us, while others just give us a headache. We will be talking about the¬†headache this time around. Ever saw a quotation floating on your timeline and thought to yourself, ‘well this is a fresh load of crap’? Well, fear not, you aren’t alone in this. There are some quotes that are so […]

These 7 Popular English Songs Sound Really Funny When Translated Into Hindi!

Music is everything we need most of the time to help us get through life. In sadness, music helps us heal. Every song is made for a moment when it can be replayed. In joy, it helps us groove to a beat with abandon. It also helps us get through rage. But what about when […]

A Female Comedian Re-Creates Sexy Celebrity Instagrams To Give Us A Little Perspective And A Lot Of Humour

Celebrities need their Instagram accounts. How else can the world get creepily obsessed with them? Because, if we don’t get overly involved with celebrities, our lives will be empty and sad. Devoid of the love and support we get from other people who are as creepily obsessed as we are. Celebrities are examples we can […]

Forget Jab Harry Met Sejal – These Toothbrushes Have A Far More Romantic Story To Tell

Guys, you know how you use your toothbrushes each morning? Without ever thinking about their feelings? Without ever realizing they might not want to be in your filthy, filthy mouths. Source Toothbrushes have lives far beyond what we can understand. They love, laugh and have meaningful relationships, which is something you should definitely think about […]

While People Are Spending Today Sending Teachers Their Love, These 12 Tweets Dare To Be Different

¬†Guys, it’s September the 5th. It’s time to recollect that at some point you went to school/college and there was someone in charge of keeping you there. It’s not that all teachers are terrible. Just some of them, and if you’re unlucky, most of them. Which is why it’s great to see people actually appreciating […]

R Madhavan Took A Picture, Looked Good In That Picture And The Internet Lost Its Shit

R Madhavan is an attractive man right? We all knew that. But still, somehow, this picture he posted drove people nuts this weekend. From my photo shoot 3 weeks ago with my dear Pal Manoj Jadhav who shot my first ever portfolio in [email protected] A post shared by R. Madhavan (@actormaddy) on Sep 2, 2017 […]

15 Of The Very Best Brown Paper Bag Comics For Your Amusement

Indians are hypocrites. They won’t believe it, but they are. And Brown Paperbag is happy to show it to them. Sailesh Gopalan has been at this since for a bit and has amassed a hilarious collection. According to Sailesh, the comics don’t really need to thought of as autobiographical. His protagonist, Kabir has been kept […]

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