The Game Of Thrones’ Winter Has Come And The First Place To Feel Its Wrath Is PornHub’s Traffic

It’s finally time for shady “Winter Is Coming” puns! Everybody has visited PornHub at some or another time in their lives. Whether it be to casually peruse the fine selection of shady stuff you can find there or look for specific shady stuff that you’re into. There’s no denying the pornography giant’s influence over consumer […]

This Man Got Fired By His Manager For Leaving His Team’s WhatsApp Group!

Getting fired from one’s job is in itself a very painful pinch. Not only is it a direct attack on our self-worth and esteem, it seems cruel and definitely disastrous to the resume. However what can be crueler is when the reason for you getting fired is simply unrealistic. What is the most bizarre reason […]

SRK Answers The Most Googled Questions About Him With His Trademark Sass On Rajeev Masand’s Show

Shah Rukh Khan is a legend in Bollywood for his contribution to the film industry. He is charismatic, dapper and always the most intelligent person in a room. He carries his stardom with an ease that not many can brag about. This is not the only thing he is great at. Shah Rukh Khan’s wit and […]

10 Of The Funniest Ideas For Condom Wrappers We Found On The Internet

A condom can save your life. First off, it protects you from STDs so one great reason to put them on. Second, the one day you might get lucky and you happen to have them in your pocket, they save you love life from dying a slow and solitary death. But as Indian citizens, our condom […]

AIB In Hot Water Again, This Time For Meme-ing Narendra Modi After A Picture Of His Lookalike Went Viral

AIB is a household name. Around the world, this might mean that they get some respect and people like it when they comment on random shit. In India, this means that if they ever do anything mildly controversial, there will be crazies jumping on their case left, right and centre. Why? Because free advice, like […]

10 Cheesy AF Quotes That Are So Irritating That They Should Be Destroyed, Forever!

Some quotes inspire us, while others just give us a headache. We will be talking about the headache this time around. Ever saw a quotation floating on your timeline and thought to yourself, ‘well this is a fresh load of crap’? Well, fear not, you aren’t alone in this. There are some quotes that are so […]

10 Whatsapp Emojis That Are Always Used in The Shadiest Manner Possible

Emojis are completely indispensable in the 21st century. Because, like some forgettable Bollywood film taught us, “Kuch baatein boli nahin jati, mehsoos ki jaati hain,” or some such shit. And just because there will aways be emojis that capture what we need to say better than our words can, we never hesitate to use them. Because, […]

Do You Think You Have What It Takes To Win The World’s Weirdest Competitions?

Indian children were raised in the spirit of competition. We were always compared to cuter, thinner and smarter children till we felt like absolute shit. If Sharmaji ka beta has taught us anything, it’s that there is no point in winning unless someone else loses. Which is why Indians turn out hyper-competitive as soon as […]

10 Of The Sexiest Desi Pick-Up Lines That Can Seduce Any Indian

To any outsider, India is a fairly confusing country. We seem to hate sex, but we definitely love to have children. It’s hot as hell outside but our food is hotter. Our news anchors can scream their heads off while doing a piece about noise pollution. We’re infamously like that only. But there are some […]

If These 10 Foreign Horror Movies Were Made In India, This Is What They Would Look Like

Indian people are irritatingly unique. They have their very own brand of stupidity. Which is probably why they have their own personal demons that keep them up at night. Like whether or not their colleague will discover who stole their raita, or how their upcoming appraisal will affect their daily supply of Hajmola golis. But […]

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