“Unarranged” Is An Awesome Look At A Couple Right Before Their Arranged Marriage Commences

Arranged marriages are still insanely common in India. Which isn’t really as much of a deal as we think it is. Ancient marriages always took place for convenience, political and financial reasons. So marrying for love is actually the stranger in this equation. But somehow, people around the world look at Asia terrified at how […]

5 Of The Shadiest Things That Took The Internet By Storm This Month

The Internet is a terrifying place. It shows humanity a dark mirror that reflects our worst bits. But sometimes the internet simply outdoes itself. Sometimes, there is no option left but to watch in horror as humanity witnesses the decline of its civilisation in a landslide of memes and funny dog videos. This month, however, […]

10 Of The Most Annoying Things In The World (According To Quora)

The world is a shit place. There is so much to hate about it. Plus, I live in India, there is much more to hate about it when the temperature outside is hot enough to seriously doubt the words – winter is coming. But there will always be people who are happy to find the […]

10 Inspirational Quotes From Dhinchak Pooja’s Twitter That Will Help You Kickstart Your Week

She is a complicated woman. She has both strengths and weaknesses. She is a musician and an icon. She is a photographer and proud owner of Audis. Her voice can melt mountains and your eardrums. She is not just some girl on your radio – she isn’t just a Pooja, she is a DHINCHAK Pooja. […]

7 Of The Dumbest Things People Used As Contraceptives Throughout History

As honest, hard working Indians, we rarely talk about contraception. We will bring up things like condoms because they’re all sexy and flavoured and stuff. But we rarely talk about the hard-core world of female contraception. The pink I-pill with a butterfly on it is the only thing most of us can think of when we […]

20 Tweets That Would Make Every 20-Something Woman Have An Evil Laugh!

Who said that women can’t have the last laugh? Thanks to the inequalities, period shaming, body shaming, extra glares and super annoying stares, we’ve got a bag full of jokes to get you! Here are 20 funny tweets by super funny women on Twitter that would keep you laughing like a drain throughout the day! […]

12 Funny Tweets That Will Give You Some Serious Monday Motivation!

Joining back to work, school or college after a blissful Sunday is tough. You might be cursing yourself, thinking what did you do so wrong in your life to feel so miserable about resuming routine again. Stay with me though. Because in a few minutes, your Monday will get less sucky. #MondayMotivation Instead of focusing […]

The Worst Possible Things To Tell Your Dad This Father’s Day!

HAPPY FATHER’s DAY DAD! It’s been a great 23 years! We’ve laughed, cried and shared a decent chunk of our lives together. Which is why every Father’s Day I disappoint you with the same garbage every year. Whether it’s the 536th tie in your collection or another bottle of perfume that makes you smell a […]

These 7 Popular English Songs Sound Really Funny When Translated Into Hindi!

Music is everything we need most of the time to help us get through life. In sadness, music helps us heal. In joy, it helps us groove to a beat with abandon. It also helps us get through rage. But what about when we need a good laugh? The following songs are so popular that it […]

6 Things You Should Totally Gift Your Germophobe Friends And Win Them Over!

How do you recognize that your friend is a germophobe? Answer: He or she always has a whiff of alcohol on them. No, it’s not booze, well not the drinking kind, at least. Germophobes are silent sufferers. But they are killers too. Of bacteria! They seek delight in killing bacteria and enjoy the burn of sanitizer. What’s that? […]

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