10 Of The World’s Most Dangerous Stretches Of Road You’d Rather Drive Away From

Driving tends to become second nature for the people who do it often enough. But even the most experienced driver will find themselves challenged while driving down these extremely dangerous roads. Whether it’s the twists and turns, the weather, or just a terrifying history – these roads are best driven away from. #1 The Widow […]

A Pakistani Brand Blatantly Copied An Indian Ad Feat. Kareena Kapoor With Absolutely Awful Photoshop

India and Pakistan have been locking horn ever since Pakistan was born. We’ve seen the rivalry on the cricket field and the now legendary ‘mauka mauka‘ advertisements and replies that flood social media. Well both the neighbouring countries are once again fighting over something. The bone of contention here is a 40-seconder ad film featured Indian […]

India Isn’t As Happy As Pakistan, Sri Lanka Or Nepal According To Happiness Index

Are you happy? Who knows right? It’s a question nobody is really prepared to answer unless they have a plate of biryani placed firmly in front of them, in which the case the answer is decidedly yes. But whether or not you have an answer, the World Happiness Index does, and it turns out that […]

Could Aleem Dar Giving Kohli ‘Not Out’ Bring India and Pakistan Closer? People Think So

You know your issues with an ex have peaked when her name comes up when you’re with someone else. India’s been touring South Africa for the last couple of months. After coming up a little short in the Test Series, India over-compensated by winning the first three matches of the ODI series. And even though the […]

India Beats Pakistan In The U19 World Semis And Gives Twitter A Mauka For Jokes

India beat Pakistan in the U19 World Cup semi finals earlier today. Fans were biting their nails off in tremendous anxiety as both the teams had performed quite well in the series with India knocking off Bangladesh in the Quarter-Finals on 26th January by 131 runs and, Pakistan getting an edge over South Africa sometime […]

This Pakistani Kid Singing His Leave Application Is Cooler Than You Can Ever Hope To Be

We’ve all been through the relatively humiliating process of asking our boss for a leave. Sombre, hands folded and pitifully meek. Source As hard as we try to play it cool, we’re always going to end up looking like clueless school children who desperately need a break. But there is one god among us who […]

Here’s How Sushma Swaraj Played The Matchmaker In This Indo-Pak Wedding

Sushma Swaraj has been a superhero on Twitter helping people meet their loved ones by using her office to do as much good as possible. In case of Evangelin, the Russian tourist, she tweeted ensuring him that the officials would Chennai would help him out. Evangelin – Your country Russia is our time tested friend. […]

It’s Time We Talk About That Phase In Our Lives When We Were Obsessed With Atif Aslam

It’s time we come clean with our Atif Aslam phase when he was the voice of our stupid teen years. We’ve all done some stupid things in the past that we’re not really proud of. Facebook’s ‘memories’ and ‘on this day’ section provide us the cruel reminders that we aren’t as cool as we now […]

Is Pakistan Producing Better Music Through Its Reality Shows Than India? Possibly.

Disclaimer: This has nothing to do with nationalism or anything similar, consider reading the following perspective with an open mind. This observation is more about music than leaning towards any nationality. Pakistan and India rivalry go eons back. And we keep refreshing our spats every cricket season. While we may be leading in Cricket, Pakistan […]

Australian Cricket Team Bus Attacked After T20 Win In Guwahati

An absolutely disgraceful incident took place late last night after the Australian Cricket Team was on the way to their hotel. Merely a few hours after the Australian team defeated India by 8 wickets in the second T20, their team bus was attacked by a brick. The second T20 between India and Australia was reportedly […]

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