Twitter Reacts To PTI’s Inappropriate Tweet On Team India’s Defeat!

India’s defeat in the ICC Champions Trophy is making headlines everywhere and the media does not seem to spare the team for its underperformance. Fans all across the nation are expressing their disappointment in the team and the media headlines are just adding to the distress. PTI’s tweet on the defeat is one example of […]

Twitterati In Pakistan Reacts To Sehwag’s Tweet On Congratulating The Winning Team

Pakistan took home the ICC Champions Trophy and the match was definitely one of the worst performances of India. Despite losing by 180 runs, India kept the sportsmanship alive and our players and former players congratulated the Pak team because we can’t deny that their players put on a splendid show. The match ruthlessly divided […]

I, As An Indian Cricket Fan, Appreciate Pakistan’s Brilliant Performance In The Final Today

Despite the hype and the bravado expressed in the pre-game media engagements, the Pakistan team that walked on the field to face India on 18th June in what was termed the biggest spectacle of cricket was a mere shadow of its glorious predecessors. But we need to admit, as great sportsmen, that Pakistan played wonderfully this […]

Here Are The Best Tweets Which Perfectly Sum Up Today’s IndvsPak Final

“Meme bina chaen kaha re.” ~ Bappi da Indian team looked in trouble in the first half of the match after a great batting display by Pakistan Cricket Team in the first innings of the Champions Trophy final. Fakhar Zaman’s maiden ODI century was phenomenal. Bhuvaneshwar Kumar was the only bowler that stood out and […]

Fakhar Was Trolled On Twitter For Scoring A Century But All The Jokes Were The Same

Not a lot of people believed that the Pakistan batting order could stand its ground against the Indian bowling line-up but Fakhar Zaman’s wonderful century has proved otherwise. While Fakhar’s monumental effort against a menacing Indian bowling set-up was applauded by the Twitter-sphere, many cracked the same joke about it. Everyone had this one onomatopoeic […]

It’s Sad That Nobody Is Excited For The Other Epic Ind vs Pak Match Being Played Today

June 18, Sunday, has shaped up to be a ‘Super Sunday’ if you’re a sports fan. It doesn’t matter where your allegiances lie for it is expected to be a breathtaking day and one where you would need multiple monitors and screens as things clash as far as the timings go. On Sunday while all […]

Sourav Ganguly’s Response On His Car Being Stopped By Pakistani Fans Is Pure Class

Pakistani fans are trying their best to intimidate their Indian opponents, ahead of the ICC Champions Trophy 2017 final, but well, good luck to them. One of their recent debacles included Indian legend of the game, Sourav Ganguly. Kyunki sabko pata hai ki kal Pakistan mein bohot TV tootenge. Sourav Ganguly, who is also a […]

WTF! This Pakistani Guy Married His Cousins To Have An Incestuous Threesome

Some people have an amazing life. They have been great students, they achieve great things in life and ultimately become a beautiful memory for a lot of their loved ones. And then there are those who basically do nothing in their lives and are long forgotten after death. On this scale, we often come across […]

Rohit Sharma & Twitter Were Both On Fire Against Bangladesh In CT Semis

It was billed as one of the most hyped up contest of the tournament – and it turned out to be a no-contest. India were simply that good. In every department. It was a remarkable all-round show and Bangladesh were honestly no match. Before the semi-finals, Bangladesh had upped its Photoshop skills but they seemed […]

Kohli’s Doppelganger Works At A Pizza Outlet In Karachi And He Is Taking The Internet By Storm!

The Virat Kohli craze refuses to end and people across just can not get enough of him. Despite being strong rivals, Kohli also has fans in Pakistan and they also managed to track down his lookalike. Recently, a Pakistani journalist had also tweeted about exchanging Kohli for the entire Pakistan team. They are definitely not […]

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