Can You Believe There Is A Village In India With 220 Sets of Twins?

Kerala is a state that as an extremely positive reputation in India. Who could possibly dislike the amazing combination of dosa, curry and boats? Plus, they boast a 93% literacy rate and a positive female to male sex ratio. People are confused as to how they’re so good at literally everything. But there is one […]

A Policewoman From Haryana Becomes First Indian Woman To Scale Mount Everest From China’s Side

Not too many people can claim to have climbed Mount Everest. In fact, there are official lists for a reason. And Anita Kundu from Haryana has just added it as another notch on her belt. This policewoman from Haryana has officially become the first woman to scale the world’s highest peak from the Chinese side. […]

These Pictures Of Women Taking On Male Dominated Jobs Will Definitely Inspire You

We’ve heard countless times that feminism is pointless. Women are constantly asking for allowances they don’t need. This may or may not necessarily be true depending on where you were brought up and in what economic bracket. But even as a woman who has never truly had to face any discrimination based on my gender, […]

Twinkle Khanna Tagged Kattappa Actor’s Son Instead Of Him On Twitter And The Results Are Hilarious

Twinkle Khanna never backs down. It seems she just can’t resist speaking her mind. Thankfully, unlike the rest of the celebrities who take to social media, she can speak it eloquently. But even she had to acknowledge the awesomeness that is Baahubali 2. The actress who seems to have caught the bug just as bad […]

Katrina Kaif Is Set To Star With Aamir Khan And Amitabh Bachchan In ‘Thugs Of Hindostan’

Katrina Kaif hasn’t had the best time recently. None of her recent projects have really managed to stick. But to her credit, she’s still one of the highest earning actresses in Bollywood. Whether it was due to her early association and continued collaborations with Salman Khan she’s managed to stay in the public eye with little […]

Did You Think Prabhas Was The Highest Paid Man For Baahubali 2? You Would Be Wrong

Every time an actor takes up a new project they love flaunting how much they got paid for it. Salman Khan’s 60 Crore looks like an insane amount of money to someone scraping together paychecks. Which is why when Baahubali 2 released and the box office Gods literally rained down money you’d expect the actors […]

Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai Season 2 Leaks Are Throwing The Internet Into A Frenzy

Sarabhai vs Sarabhai has no limit to the level of hype people associate with it. Every time it farts the nation seems to inhale the scent with joy and praise. When the teaser released it was received extremely positively. But now, there’s more. Somehow a bunch of videos have leaked online revealing details of the […]

Don’t Know What To Gift Your Mom On Mother’s Day? PornHub Has A Solution!

PornHub. It’s the one place you’re free to be yourself. Because the lights have been switched off. The volume has been turned down low. And there are a lot of disturbing categories to choose from. But the one thing you don’t expect PornHub to do for you is sort out your Mother’s Day present. Confused? […]

Twitter Has Some Savage Responses To The Quint’s Article On Osama Bin Laden

The Quint has a commendable reputation in the media industry and has an avid reader base.It is known to cover stories that other big publications fear to talk about. On May 2, it wrote an article about Osama Bin Laden on his death anniversary titled ‘Bin Laden, World’s Biggest Terrorist: The Story You Didn’t Know’. On […]

Not Only Sarabhai vs Sarabhai, Hum Paanch Is Also Making A Comeback!

It seems like the season of returns for Indian comedy shows. We could barely contain our excitement for the return of Sarabhai vs Sarabhai, that now another classic comedy show is set to make a return. Hum Paanch is going to make a comeback on Indian TV screens soon. Source Titled Hum Paanch- Phir Se, […]

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