Here’s How Music Plays A Significant Role In Heartbreaks And Healing

We’ve all been there, haven’t we? When we just sit by the window or lie down on the bed and drown ourselves in soul-shattering, melancholic, sad music. This might seem like a very self-destructive behavior, but studies say that sad music might not really make us sad. It actually helps in healing and overcoming the […]

10 International Films You Didn’t Know A. R. Rahman Composed Music For

A.R. Rahman is not just a musician. He is a school of music unto himself. The legendary music director has already made himself immortal with his exceptional work in Hindi and Tamil cinema. He has won a handful of awards throughout his career. But we are not aware of his realm of work outside India. […]

Adnan Sami And Former CM Omar Abdullah Fought Over Empty Seats On Twitter

Remember the song, ‘Lift Kara De’? The singer Adnan Sami had a concert in Srinagar on Saturday. But unfortunately, former Jammu and Kashmir chief minister Omar Abdullah and he had a Twitter spat regarding empty seats. Source The Pakistani-origin musician and singer was recently in Srinagar for his Rhythm in Paradise concert that was held at […]

Bollywood Music Starter Pack: 10 Songs To Listen To When You Are Really Pissed Off!

Bollywood songs you need to add to your playlist when you want to calm the f***k down! We listen to music when we are happy, sad or just bored. But did you know that if you listen to angry songs when you are pissed off can help you blow some steam? Yes, that is right! Listening […]

The December Music Madness Is Back In Goa With The Timeout 72 Hours Music Fest!

There is something peculiar about Goa plans. They happen all of a sudden and there is an adrenaline rush to a utopian world that comes alive with the Goan backdrop. Beaches, sunrises, sunsets, music, beer and a pinch of love, Goa is pure bliss and no matter how many trips you make, there is just […]

These 30 Bollywood Tracks Will Make Your Road Trip Worth The Ride!

What is a road trip without good music? When we hit the road, whether alone or with friends, music becomes an essential companion and it is important for it to be soothing and yet groovy at the same time.  Source We bring to you a collection of Bollywood tracks that’ll definitely make your road trip […]

These 30 Songs Are For You If You Are An Emotional Bollywood Soul!

Bollywood is a just so much more than movies, it is a way of life that so many of us out there relate to. Personally, I relate to Bollywood with everything that I do and the music heals me more than anything else. I am sure I am not the only one who believes in […]

Vishal Dadlani Makes Valid Points On Twitter About The Shameful Chandigarh Stalking Case

BJP Haryana vice-president Ramveer Bhatti responds to the Chandigarh stalking case says ‘girls stalked if they are out at odd hours’. Vishal Dadlani rips the statement apart by taking to Twitter.

You Might Want To Watch This Video Without Your Earphones!

Earphones! Aren’t they a wonderful creation? They’re the perfect gadget to escape the world while you’re still being a part of it. Plug in that little magical device in your ears and you’re good to go! Source Have you wondered what damage could earphones do to your ears? Yes, you heard that right. Those earplugs […]

10 Linkin Park Lyrics That Say Much More Than What You Think!

The recent news of Chester Bennington’s suicide has shocked Linkin Park fans all across the globe. It is a loss that most of us will never overcome and their music will always stay with us forever. Source Chester’s music was mostly a reflection of what he felt about life and was very evident in the […]

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