Indian Media Stoops To A New Low With Their Coverage Of Sridevi’s Death

Yesterday, we had questioned our compulsive need to know everything about the death of India’s first female superstar – Sridevi. Ever since the news of her death came out, internet has been riddled with ‘theories’ about the incident. With no investigation whatsoever, people were quick to conclude that a cardiac arrest might be at the […]

Twitter Uncovered The Truth Behind The Video Of The Man ‘Molesting’ The Woman During Mumbai Stampede!

As the city was still mourning the loss of their dear ones who died during the stampede at Elphinstone road station, Mumbai, a video started doing rounds on the internet that showed a man trying to molest a woman who eventually took her last breath as she struggled to come out of the situation. Source […]

Twitter Reacts To PTI’s Inappropriate Tweet On Team India’s Defeat!

India’s defeat in the ICC Champions Trophy is making headlines everywhere and the media does not seem to spare the team for its underperformance. Fans all across the nation are expressing their disappointment in the team and the media headlines are just adding to the distress. PTI’s tweet on the defeat is one example of […]

Shaheen Bhatt Calls Out Media For Being A Voyeur At Aishwarya Rai’s Dad’s Funeral

The lines between what is appropriate to report in news, and what to leave out are kind of blurry with the ‘media’. This issue was glaringly obvious at Aishwarya Rai’s dad’s funeral and the media went crazy trying to capture the actress in mourning. Articles like┬áthis┬áseem to forget that celebrities are human too, and this […]

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