These Pictures Of Bride With Her Dog On Her Wedding Day Will Melt Your Heart

We all know that weddings are the most emotional affair for the bride. To marry a person and commit to them for a lifetime is not easy. Changing surname, home, family is another rollercoaster that a bride goes through. But it’s all worth it for the person. An Indian bride, Mitali married recently to her […]

Nicki Minaj Paid Off The Student Debt For 30 Fans On Twitter!

Nicki Minaj isn’t the first thing that pops into your head when somebody says – educational. Talented – yes. Successful – yes. Sexy – questionable, but yes. So why did she take over the Twitterverse? Because she responded to a Tweet requesting her to pay off their college tuition. @NICKIMINAJ Well you wanna pay for […]

Nivea Pays Tribute To Motherhood With This Heart-Warming Ad

Motherhood has more to it than just an umbilical relationship. It is an emotion that can not be quantified and expressed in words. It is the purest form of the love and the greatest thing in the Universe! How are you planning to celebrate Mother’s Day for the one woman who holds your existence? With […]

Once In A Lifetime, It’s Okay To Fall In Love With The Wrong Guy

You, yes, you behind the screen who is hopelessly in love with him, smitten by that smile and the way he looks at you. You, who has no explanation as to why a guy like him would sweep you off your feet. Your friends have lost all hope in you because you chose to chase […]

12 Stupid Games We Played In School When We Should Have Been Studying

Children are very stupid. Which is why they do shit like this. While we could have been spending time productively and studying, we were doing this garbage. Playing the idiotic childhood games with friends, foes and siblings when they stopped acting like horrible people. Mind you, these games aren’t athletic. They don’t involve any sportsmanship. […]

Meet Parisa Tabriz ‘The Browser Boss’ Behind Google’s Online Security

Google is huge right? They have not some of the money – they have all the money. They’re the world’s biggest IT company and naturally have a lot of delicate information at hand that needs to be protected. Which is why they have the one and only Browser Boss – Parisa Tabriz. Source A student […]

Watch How Amit Trivedi Shows You Different Parts Of India Through Different Music Artists

We often quote ourselves by saying “Music is life”, “Can’t live without music.” But how much do we know about music from different parts of India? Amit Trivedi, the brilliant singer and music composer, performed for Mirchi Music Awards. His voice was mesmerising but he was brilliant as a conductor! (A person who directs the performance […]

10 Signs You Have Fallen In Love With The Wrong Person

Love is a fairly popular word and there is no denying the fact that it is one of the most beautiful emotions ever. Yes, it’s not a bed of roses, but it’s worth the fight. Although, I am not a relationship expert but if there is one thing that I see happening around me, it’s […]

Ryan Reynolds Appreciation Day: Taking A Look At A Legend’s Wit Through 10 Tweets

Some actors/celebrities are cool. Others redefine boring words like ‘cool’. Case in point, Ryan Reynolds. There are very few people who can recreate careers after playing a real bad Green Lantern. Then go on to become a cult classic as Dead Pool. Let’s just agree that Ryan Reynolds is a pretty damn cool person in general. […]

A Graphic Designer Takes 20 Different Drugs And Portrays Their Effect Through His Pictures

Anything can feed art. For some it’s an outpour of their pain and grief, for others an evident expression. However, for graphic designer Brian Pollett, aka Pixel-Pusha, it is not less than an experiment to venture into worlds, unknown otherwise to the sane mind. For one of his projects, Brian decided to take 20 different drugs […]

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