At What Moment Did You Realize Your Significant Other Wasn’t In Love With You Anymore?

Love can make or break you. It also chains you and sometimes frees you. The thing about love is that it is an emotion. And emotions change over time. You spend all the time and emotions on a person and then realize that the love that got you through the toughest time, isn’t enough. Or […]

This Couple Got Caught Kissing In Public And Twitter Is Not Forgiving Them

Twitter shames this couple indulging in some good hearted PDA. Why Twitter why?! Public Display Of Affection (PDA) is a controversial thing, mostly because we chose to make it so. Some swear by it, some swear off it. This battle will be a perpetual thing in India. If you’ve ever wanted to have some quiet time […]

15 Photos Which Prove Love Only Gets Better When You Grow Older

Those who grow old with their loved ones are very lucky. Love makes life a little easy. Life is beautiful when you have someone to hold your hand and walk your path with. Our generation might never know how the older generation survived and held on to relations. Maybe, these senior couples can be an […]

These 10 Illustrations Prove That There’s Nothing Like A Sibling Love!

When we’re kids, our siblings might as well be our worst enemies. They borrow our clothes without asking, get jealous of our new toys, tattle on us to our parents and are basically the thorn in our youthful sides. Luckily or unluckily, I am the middle child, so I had to deal with my elder […]

These 10 Basic Mantras Are The Key To A Happy Life!

Life is not as complicated as we tend to think of it. If we abide by some basic mantras of life, there is nothing that can stop us from achieving happiness and success. Source Living a life that is beautiful is actually not that difficult. There are some every day things that you need to […]

7 Reasons Why Your Partner Should Be Your Best Friend!

Getting in a relationship is one of the most serious choices that we make in our lives and it is very important to make sure that the person we plan to start spending time with and eventually also consider spending our entire lives is someone who understands us in and out. Source What could be […]

10 Ways In Which Your Dog Makes Your Life Better!

Dogs, *sigh* I wonder what good we humans did for God to bless us with these beautiful creatures! They are a living proof of utmost affection and unconditional love and they certainly have the power to make everything around us better. Source A house with a dog is a house full of smiles and love […]

Dear Relatives Back Home, This Is What Big Cities Are Doing To Our Relationships And Marriages

Millenials, have you ever come across a friend, an acquaintance or even a potential ‘rishta‘ at a matrimonial site who hasn’t had a broken relationship ever? Let’s skip the miniscule percentage of those who went to tuitions and came straight back home. Almost all of us suffer from our personal share of pain through never […]

So Tell Me Then, How Do You Say Goodbye When Your Heart Is Breaking?

The first time I saw him is a memory that time will not erase. I have dreamed about it, and talked about it, and wrote about it. It’s never enough. It’s never enough to describe something that’s so ordinary and yet so extraordinary. Like magic, but more. Now he was leaving. And it was so many […]

As A 23 Year Old, I Have 7 Pieces Of Relationship Advice I Hope You’ll Take

So I have absolutely no right to be doing this. Like, who would possibly listen to a 23-year-old about anything? If you want to know about taxes and shit, you’d ask someone older than 30. If you wanted to know about “cool” stuff, you’d ask a 16-year-old. Being in your 20s is pretty shitty overall […]

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