Tired Of Mainstream Bollywood Music? You SHOULD Be Checking Out These 6 Indian Artists (Pt 2)

Maybe you are sick of the songs in your playlist. Are the Bollywood songs getting a tad bit tiresome and repetitive in theme? These are signs that you are ready to listen to some fresh sounds. Here are some new Indian artists on the scene who are playing around with their unique sounds. From techno […]

Virat Kohli Talks About His Lady Love, Anushka Sharma And What She Means To Him In This Candid Interview

Virushka have been giving us relationship goals for a while now. They are successful in their own right and have mostly kept their private lives private. Rarely do Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma talk about each other at public appearances. Everyday is a valentine day if you want it to be. You make everyday seem […]

Playboy’s Classic Covergirls Re-Shot Their Iconic Pictures And They’re Looking Better Than Ever!

Playboy is one of the cornerstone institutions of our planet. From 1953, it has been dutifully assisting young boys, girls, their dads, their moms and everyone in between a chance to look at women and men. Not just women and men, almost naked women and men. Woohoo! But Playboy would be nothing like the brand we […]

Elle Brings LGBTQI People Together To Give Us A Better Understanding Of Sexuality

Sometimes we tend to forget that despite our gender, religion, and sexuality we are all just human beings. We are divided by our perception and understanding of the society but there is one thing we all have in common ‘ WE ALL HATE BEING JUDGED’, and this is something that we actually do to everyone around […]

This Woman’s Story On Her Fiance’s Last Message Will Leave You In Tears

We are so used to hearing and reading a love story that we assume that it would always end up on a happy note. We make plans for the future with our lover. We think that we still have time for more laughter, more warm hugs, more ‘I Love You’s’ that we forget that we […]

15 Times Beau Taplin’s Quotes Knew Love, Pain And Life Like No One Else Does

How often do you come across written works enriched with emotion? Beau Taplin is one of the writers who can put thoughts into words beautifully. Beau has written 6 books so far, you can check them out here. From loving the wrong people to indulging in self-love, he has penned every emotion. Poetry is one […]

This Indian Classical Dancer Has Performed 7 Times At The British Parliament

NRIs have always held a special place in the hearts of Karan Johar and foreigners alike. There’s nothing more exciting for foreigners than getting to participate in the culture of India from the convenience of their own home. Which is why it’s amazing to see that Ragasudha Vinjamuri has translated classical Indian dance in a way […]

Conversations I’ll Never Have Out Loud With My Mother

You’re probably standing over a tope, making our next meal as I write this. One hand on your hip, the other busy stirring away, humming hymns like you always do, Mother. If so, the kitchen is filled with a heavenly aroma that you can smell from about a mile away. It’s the same aroma that draws […]

This Fan Made Music Video Of Bhallaladeva Romancing Devsena Is Going To Mess With Your Head!

If you are a fan of Baahubali movie franchise, then you would have wondered about the possibilities. What if Kattappa had not murdered Baahubali? What if he lied about murdering? Or what if he informed Baahubali beforehand? But one major question that we all wondered is what if Devsena had said yes to Bhallala Deva? While […]

Reema Lagoo Is Captured Beautifully In These Pictures Shot By Renuka Shahane, Her Onscreen Daughter

Reema Lagoo passed away today, at the age of 59 due to cardiac arrest and the entire nation was in shock. Not only did the iconic actress pass away suddenly, according to her family, she had no prior history of cardiac problems. Her loss was felt deeply, as one of Indian cinema’s most resolute matriarchal […]

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