5 People Who Got Famous On The Internet Because We Have Way Too Much Time

The Internet is a home for each and everyone. Just one click and we end up spending hours and hours on one app. At times, we end up finding some treasure like AIB but every now and then we end up finding those that make our hearts cringe. 1. Dhinchak Pooja Source This list is […]

KRK Threatens To Commit Suicide And People Just Can’t Stop Encouraging Him

Can anybody explain why this man is famous again? KRK, best known for his questionable Twitter behaviour, has threatened to take his own like. Actor, director and self-proclaimed movie critic, the man has made a reputation for himself, for better or for worse. His Twitter account was suspended on 18th October as he had revealed […]

KRK’s Twitter Account Gets Suspended Finally; Blames Aamir Khan For It!

Part time troll and full time trash talker KRK was in for a rude shock yesterday as his Twitter account got suspended. Even though the details of the same are still unknown, it is being said that this was in connection to the derogatory remarks KRK made against Aamir Khan and his latest film Secret […]

8 Times KRK Was Absolutely Correct In His Predictions!

KRK or Kamaal R. Khan is an enigma. The man gets a lot of flak for being politically incorrect, sometimes a bit too lewd (in all fairness, he is). But there have been times when KRK was absolutely correct in his predictions. We list down 8 such instances, when KRK actually made sense. Please note- […]

KRK Bought iPhone 8 For His Daughter And Her Reply Was Worth A Facepalm

KRK is famously known to give critics and tweet his stupidity on daily basis. He has not only irked the Bollywood celebrities but also Twitterati. His recent fall out with Shreyas Talpade was in the news and Shreyas had reminded him that he messed with the wrong person. He is a self-proclaimed critic and basically thinks he […]

KRK Ranted About How The Celebrities Who Abused Him Eventually Failed In Their Careers

KRK seriously knows only how to be a waste of space on earth. KRK has proved it time and again as to why he should disappear from the face of the planet. His recent fall out with Shreyas Talpade was in the news and Shreyas had reminded him that he messed with the wrong person. […]

Here Are 8 Tweets That Prove That KRK On RARE Occasions Does Make Sense!

Disclaimer: This article should be read with and in a sarcastic tone. If you have no sense of sarcasm, I deeply regret your lack of wry humor. KRK is trolled unfairly on Twitter. It takes immense talent to be famous for doing so little. His contribution to cinema has been revolutionary, to say the least. […]

Kangana Ranaut’s Sister Is Just As Fierce As Her; Lashes Out At Zarina Wahab And KRK

Kangana is certainly one of the boldest actresses in Bollywood and her sister seems to be no less! Rangoli’s tweet to Zarina Wahab, Aditya Pancholi’s wife and KRK prove that she is equally on fire and she ain’t stopping anytime soon. She lashed out at Zarina and called KRK a dog and ironically all of […]

Shreyas Talpade’s Tweet Shows KRK That He Messed With The Wrong Person!

KRK is known to talk absolute bullshit and his review for Poster Boys is just one more example of why this man needs to stop existing. He has always been controversy’s favorite child and people have learned the art to ignore him but Shreyas Talpade was certainly in no mood to let this one go. […]

#MondayMotivation – 10 Inspiring Thoughts From The Most Hated Man On Twitter – KRK

KRK has a reputation. Not a good or necessarily a bad one. He just does. In fact, for all the people who hate him, he embodies everything Twitter stands for. Freedom of speech, a platform to express personal thoughts, and being a bit of a dick. Even though the man gets it right every now and […]

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