15 Facts About International Brands You’ll Have A Hard Time Believing

Did you know Apple iPad’s retina display is manufactured by Samsung? It is impossible to know everything about everything. We can always try but we’ll always fail. In this endless spectrum of knowledge, it’s important to take care of the little details. There’s a reason big businesses spend hours in meeting rooms. Popular products we […]

15 Times Instagrammers Feared Nothing To Get That Perfect Click

We are the ‘selfie generation’ and we all have gone that extra mile to get that perfect click. However, would you risk your life to make sure your Instagram feed looks the best? While we are in no way in favour of risking your life for the sake of a picture, there are plenty of […]

8 Instagram Worthy Places You Can Travel To Without Leaving The Country!

Do you find that scrolling through your Instagram feed leaves you with vacation envy? Do you sometimes wish it were you, sunning yourself on a beach in Hawaii or reading a book in a quaint cafe in Santorini? Well, we have a fix for your monotonous Instagram feed that doesn’t involve mortgaging your precious possessions. […]

A Female Comedian Re-Creates Sexy Celebrity Instagrams To Give Us A Little Perspective And A Lot Of Humour

Celebrities need their Instagram accounts. How else can the world get creepily obsessed with them? Because, if we don’t get overly involved with celebrities, our lives will be empty and sad. Devoid of the love and support we get from other people who are as creepily obsessed as we are. Celebrities are examples we can […]

R Madhavan Took A Picture, Looked Good In That Picture And The Internet Lost Its Shit

R Madhavan is an attractive man right? We all knew that. But still, somehow, this picture he posted drove people nuts this weekend. From my photo shoot 3 weeks ago with my dear Pal Manoj Jadhav who shot my first ever portfolio in [email protected] A post shared by R. Madhavan (@actormaddy) on Sep 2, 2017 […]

10 Incredible Indian Photographers You Should Be Following On Instagram

The Indian Instagram scene is currently thriving. If you have a decent eye for visualization and a decent camera, you have tools enough to make it great on Instagram photography scene. Since the community is moving from traditional means to a digital one, this shift to Instagram is a great way to get noticed and create a […]

#InstaTrend: This Makeup Artist Is Hell Bent On Blinging Her Waterline And It Looks Painful AF!

Trends come and go and some of them turn out to be utterly shocking. We have seen trends where people color their hair in all shades of the rainbow or create art on their eyelids. But there is one Instagram trend that looks really uncomfortable. This trend includes decorating the waterline of your eyes. Many […]

All Your Bollywood Favourites Are Coming Together To Promote Toilet Ek Prem Katha On Instagram

If you don’t have plans this weekend, go watch Toilet Ek Prem Katha. If you have plans, cancel them and go watch Toilet Ek Prem Katha. Source The new Akshay Kumar – Bhumi Pednekar starrer is making waves after its release, with reviews insisting that the movie is unmissable. This is great to hear since […]

Hot Dudes With Kittens Is One Instagram Account You Need To Make Your Mornings Great!

Instagram is a great place to be when you are bored out of your mind. You know those days when you’re drowning in work and yet can’t get yourself to do any of it? Open up your app and check the Instagram account – hotdudeswithkittens. Accounts like these are the perfect stress busters and are also, […]

A Teenager Just Live Streamed Her Own Sister’s Death On Instagram After Crashing Their Car

Social media is changing lives every waking second. It’s one hell of a cliche to even say it, but for once, it’s not to boost the word count of something you’ll read. It’s brutally relevant. And it forever changed the lives of three teenagers – Obdulia Sanchez, Jacqueline Sanchez and a third girl who was in the […]

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