7 Lesser Known Facts About Pakistan Occupied Kashmir That Will Shock You

Pakistan Occupied Kashmir is called Azad Kashmir in Pakistan. Pakistan occupied Kashmir was shown in the heart-warming movie ‘Bhajrangi Bhaijaan’. It is known as ‘Pakistan Controlled Kashmir’ by the United Nations and other international organizations. The 14,000 sq kilometers area has a population of 4.6 million people. India has never given up on the control its […]

10 Interesting Geographical Facts About India That Would Leave You Wondering!

How many of you actually liked geography class? Well not many of us did. Maps, globes, boundaries, capitals and soil types kind of bored us until and unless we were meant to traverse the globe in the name of wanderlust. But there’s a lot more to the globe than those mundane theoretical geography books. Here […]

Ever Wondered Why There Are 3 Stars On The Indian Cricket Team’s Jersey? The Reason Will Make You Proud

There are 3 stars on India’s ODI jersey and the reason is something to be proud of. India’s love for cricket is never ending and unconditional too. India is killing it this ODI season and we couldn’t be more proud of the men in blue! The amount of love and devotion we have towards the […]

10 Villages Of India That Might Be Far More Developed Than The City You Live In!

India is progressing towards becoming a developed nation. However, we cannot touch the pinnacle of development if the rural India is ignored. A massive part of India’s population resides in its villages and rural areas are becoming an important markup when deciding India’s progress. While cities and metropolitans try to create a fast-paced lifestyle, rural […]

8 Instagram Worthy Places You Can Travel To Without Leaving The Country!

Do you find that scrolling through your Instagram feed leaves you with vacation envy? Do you sometimes wish it were you, sunning yourself on a beach in Hawaii or reading a book in a quaint cafe in Santorini? Well, we have a fix for your monotonous Instagram feed that doesn’t involve mortgaging your precious possessions. […]

Shikhar Dhawan Will Skip 3 ODI’s To Take Care Of His Wife And Twitterati Is Loving Him

Shikhar Dhawan’s wife Aesha Dhawan is not keeping well. Shikhar Dhawan is a brilliant opener for the Indian cricket team. As India is all set to play against Australia soon. He requested for leaves to take care of his ill wife. This is the official statement BCCI released: Team India opener Shikhar Dhawan has requested […]

15 Hilarious Breaking News Stories From Indian News Channels That Will Make You Question Everything

The relevant stories are always been ignored by the mainstream media. There are stories that are supposed to be ‘relevant’ according to the Indian mainstream news channels. The truth is that they aren’t. The news about a man saving a few people’s lives during a natural calamity is a better story than some story about […]

You Would Not Be Surprised To Know These 10 Embarrassing Lists That India Tops

India is a developing nation and one of the most progressive economies in the world. It is also the second largest economy in the world and if the pace remains the same it is bound to bypass the USA by 2050. But despite everything, there are areas where Indian doesn’t seem to have learned a […]

5 Of The Most Beautiful Princesses And Maharanis From The Indian Royal Era!

The idea of Indian royalty seems like a fantasy to us commoners. To think that they still exist is hard to believe. With democracy growing in the country, states gave up their monarchy, we don’t have the concept of active monarchy. But we do have the illustrious royal families! There was a time when the […]

So It Turns Out India Might Not Have Won The Toss In The India vs Sri Lanka T20 Yesterday

To anybody who watches cricket, YAY India won! To people who don’t, this is still pretty interesting. Because as India celebrated its 9th victory against Sr Lanka, a new video surfaced that questions the outcome of the match that was played on the 6th of September. Source  The match began with India winning the toss, but […]

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