10 Female Scientists Who Are Some Of The Most Brilliant Minds India Has Produced

We’re not going to pretend we understand anything about science and technology. We write for a blog. That being said India has produced some truly brilliant scientific minds. But because scientific progress isn’t nearly as sexy as celebrity Twitter wars, they often go unnoticed in mainstream media. India has produced some truly brilliant female scientists […]

Our Man Diljit Dosanjh Takes His One-Sided Relationship With Kylie Jenner To The Next Level

India’s  sweetheart, Diljit Dosanjh, is writing his own story of unrequited love with every passing day. Had Karan Johar been active on Instagram, Ae Dil Hai Mushkil would’ve turned out very VERY differently. Anyway, since our residential horizon doesn’t exist under a rock, Diljit Dosanjh’s feelings for Kylie Jenner have become staple for us. For […]

6 Indian Transgenders Who Became Successful Despite Indian Society

Since when is a person’s sexuality the parameter for their success? Why are we, as a society, so concerned about what a person does in their house? Who are we to raise a question on what is right and what is wrong? India, after a long struggle, recently validated transgenders as the third gender. They […]

Once Labelled As A ‘Stone Pelter’, Afshan Ashiq Is Now Jammu & Kashmir’s Football Star

Last year in April, a picture of Afshan Ashiq pelting stones went viral. Afshan was always an avid footballer but the national media portrayed her as ‘Kashmiri footballer forced to vent her ire by pelting stones’. On April 13, she was snapped by the photographer, her anger was against the Kashmiri Police. Her one-off reaction […]

7 Bollywood Sequels Releasing In 2018 That You Totally Didn’t See Coming

Bollywood is obsessed with its sequels to hit films. The formula has worked decently well in the past. Going by the same set of characters which worked the first time around, creates a sense of familiarity with the audience, who then laps it up. 2018 is going to be no different. A number of films, […]

Rakhi Sawant Rips Into A New Venture As The Face Of Beboy Condom Company

Nobody will ever accuse Rakhi Sawant of being a wallflower. Source The woman is loud, energetic, unapologetic and whatever other empowered adjectives you can think of. But she is also divisive, whether it’s her body of work or her down with the man attitude, Rakhi Sawant is not one to go anywhere soon, so it’s […]

With Dulquer Salman, Anurag Kashyap’s Next Film ‘Manmarziyan’ Already Looks Interesting

Malayalam industry superstar Dulquer Salmaan to star in Anurag Kashyap’s next.

Remember Donald Trump’s Covfefe? It’s Now Being Discussed In Indian Colleges

Yeh ‘covfefe’ ‘covfefe’ kya hai? Yeh ‘covfefe’ ‘covfefe’. A gibberish word that’s all covfefe was. But no, the media and humans tried and tried to figure the meaning out. The only man who knows the meaning is probably Donald Trump. But this takes our obsession with the word way too far. It appeared in a question […]

10 Utterly Illogical Things People Get To Say Only In India

India is an emerging democracy that is majorly functioning on its freedom of expression. People in India have a right to express their opinion and not many times people with power have been very responsible with their statements. Time and again, people in India have said illogical things that sounded downright bizarre leaving us looking for […]

Some Of The Most Fascinating Places On Earth That You’re Not Allowed To Visit

Who doesn’t want to see every nook and corner of this planet? Once you’ve traveled, you are hit by the travel bug. You need only one moment that makes you fall in love with this magnificent planet. And after that moment you’ll want to see every little part of it. Then there are places you […]

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