10 Times We Couldn’t Escape How Absolutely Fabulous Narendra Modi Looked

We’ll be the first to admit, we’re not that smart. We’re not the brightest bulbs around and are not afraid to admit when we don’t know something. Which is why we’re not going to try discussing important things. Like policymaking, or public opinion or the grander movement in this country’s government. We’ll leave that to […]

Is Pakistan Producing Better Music Through Its Reality Shows Than India? Possibly.

Disclaimer: This has nothing to do with nationalism or anything similar, consider reading the following perspective with an open mind. This observation is more about music than leaning towards any nationality. Pakistan and India rivalry go eons back. And we keep refreshing our spats every cricket season. While we may be leading in Cricket, Pakistan […]

This Is How Much Your Favorite Indian Cricketers Make In A Year

India’s love for cricket knows no boundaries. The cricketers have only proved that they deserve more. India loves cricket as much as a sweet tooth loves cake. The amount of loyalty the cricket fans show is immense and adorable. We bleed blue when these men make us proud and our hearts skip a bit at […]

Some Films Change The Way You Think, Anurag Kashyap’s Mukkabaaz Falls In That Category

The phrase “this movie changed my life” has been overused and thus, lost its meaning. It takes a whole lot of effort for a piece of art to change the way we look at things for a longer period of time, to have a deeper impact on us even when we wake up the next […]

8 Bizarre Customs From Different Countries You Should Know Before Traveling Abroad

In Thailand, there are no kitchens in houses, not many people prefer to cook. Everyone wishes to see the world sometime. The world is full of humans and they are full of surprises. This world is quite funny and weird, just like life. This is just a fair warning that the other countries are as […]

Australian Cricket Team Bus Attacked After T20 Win In Guwahati

An absolutely disgraceful incident took place late last night after the Australian Cricket Team was on the way to their hotel. Merely a few hours after the Australian team defeated India by 8 wickets in the second T20, their team bus was attacked by a brick. The second T20 between India and Australia was reportedly […]

These 10 Advertisement Placements Are So Unfortunate That We Can’t Stop Laughing

There are many advertisements that are very memorable for all the wrong reasons. The amount of money people put in for an advertisement for their products is way too much. But what happens when the billboards have horrible placements? Money, for instance, goes down the drain and someone gets fired too. Sometimes, the placements were […]

90’s Kids, Here’s How Things Have Changed In Two Decades

If you were in India during the 90’s, you’ll agree that everything was better back then. When you will tell your kids about how you got your first phone in the 10th grade, they will laugh. When you will tell that 90’s songs are still your favorite, they will tell you to put on some […]

These 10 Quotes By Mahatma Gandhi Will Give You A Better Perspective On Life

Mahatma Gandhi was always a figure of peace and wisdom. He was our nation’s most prominent leaders and was largely responsible for India’s Independence movement. His teachings of nonviolence and the beauty of inherent goodness of human nature still hold true today. It is something that each of us needs to remind ourselves. Here are […]

11 Interesting Facts About India’s Favourite Car – The Iconic Maruti 800

Every Indian can remember squeezing into a Maruti 800 at some point of time in their life. The car was a staple of Indian culture for the longest time. Staying on Indian roads well past its initial expectations. The flagship vehicle for Maruti, it was the car the nation rode in. Affordable, compact and classy, […]

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