12 Silliest Things That We Indians Feel Unnecessarily Guilty About, Explained With SRK Gifs!

No human on earth has ever not felt guilty. The guilt is a sign of good conscience or having humanity. We have all been there where we feel guilty for ignoring someone’s call. Or maybe not calling your parents enough. There have also been times where spending money on useless things has given you sleepless […]

These 6 ‘Singers’ Should Do Us A Favor And Quit Music, Forever!

One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.” ― Bob Marley Bob Marley said it right, music is supposed to relieve pain. Not enhance or add to it. But some artists prefer adding to the misery via their delusionary beliefs. Some people make ‘music’ that is supposed to win hearts […]

10 Times Biswa Kalyan Rath Proved That He Is The King Of Chill By Giving No F***s

There are few people who can carry around the cool cat attitude at all times with ease. Biswa Kalyan Rath is one of them. The comedian continually impresses people with his sharp observational comedy and has become one of the A-listers on the Indian stand-up comedy scene. His caustic sense of humor is however not […]

Are Cows Safer Than Women? This Artist Has Started A Protest By Making Women Wear Cow Masks

How safe are women in this country? If you tune into your smartphones/TV screens/newspapers, there’s one news that has been a constant – a crime against women, rape cases and politicians defending the ‘boys’. All these records speak only for the month of June, by the way! The newspapers are full of many such brutal cases. Women […]

Azhar Ali’s Post Thanking Yuvraj, Dhoni And Kohli Is Restoring Our Faith In Humanity

With so much hostility between India and Pakistan, Azhar Ali’s post thanking Yuvraj Singh, MS Dhoni and Virat Kohli for spending time his kids comes as a ray of hope. His tweet proves that sports is beyond boundaries and despite that fact that the two teams are enemies on the field, off-field they are just […]

Riteish Deshmukh Shuts Down A Hater For Calling Hindustan ‘Murdabad’ On Twitter

I guess by this time we all know how important the ICC Champions Trophy was to our country as it was against Pakistan. The entire nation had high hopes from our cricketers and we had all taken up on social media to convey our best wishes for the team. Celebrities, politicians and former cricketers along […]

Keep Calm Because ‘The Chainsmokers’ Just Tweeted About Coming To India!

India has got a huge fan base for the international artists and has always welcomed its favourite artists with utmost love and fervour. While last year finished with a bang on visit by Coldplay, Justin Bieber too got thousands of his fans at the Patil Stadium a month back. And now with Ed Sheeran almost […]

Twitter Reacts To PTI’s Inappropriate Tweet On Team India’s Defeat!

India’s defeat in the ICC Champions Trophy is making headlines everywhere and the media does not seem to spare the team for its underperformance. Fans all across the nation are expressing their disappointment in the team and the media headlines are just adding to the distress. PTI’s tweet on the defeat is one example of […]

I, As An Indian Cricket Fan, Appreciate Pakistan’s Brilliant Performance In The Final Today

Despite the hype and the bravado expressed in the pre-game media engagements, the Pakistan team that walked on the field to face India on 18th June in what was termed the biggest spectacle of cricket was a mere shadow of its glorious predecessors. But we need to admit, as great sportsmen, that Pakistan played wonderfully this […]

Here Are The Best Tweets Which Perfectly Sum Up Today’s IndvsPak Final

“Meme bina chaen kaha re.” ~ Bappi da Indian team looked in trouble in the first half of the match after a great batting display by Pakistan Cricket Team in the first innings of the Champions Trophy final. Fakhar Zaman’s maiden ODI century was phenomenal. Bhuvaneshwar Kumar was the only bowler that stood out and […]

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