“Unarranged” Is An Awesome Look At A Couple Right Before Their Arranged Marriage Commences

Arranged marriages are still insanely common in India. Which isn’t really as much of a deal as we think it is. Ancient marriages always took place for convenience, political and financial reasons. So marrying for love is actually the stranger in this equation. But somehow, people around the world look at Asia terrified at how […]

12 Photobombs That Are So Well Timed, They Are Funny AF!

Photobomb requires a certain knack. For a successful photobomb, one has to be at the right time at the right place. It is a great prank for selfie and groupfieĀ generation. If you are one of those awkward folks who never know how to place themselves in a picture, just join in the game and make […]

100 People Were Asked About The Weirdest Places They Had Sex And They Didn’t Disappoint

People are typically happy when they talk about sex. They may be embarrassed, a little awkward, but typically, they can’t stop talking about it. Which is probably why I personally end up writing about sex for an awkward amount of time. But every now and then, somebody ends up talking about itĀ in an honest and […]

The Least Romantic Names For Hindi And English Erotic Novels (That You Can Buy On Amazon)

Romance is great and all. Two people meeting each other. They start talking to each other. They decide to start talking regularly. Then they do it regularly and then biwi-bacche-pension-death. That’s pretty much it. But humans are so crazy about the feeling, they can’t help but elaborate on it. They hash it out in movies, […]

Amazon India Has Forced Us To Ask An Extremely Important Question – WTF Is Horny Goat Weed?

Sex is very important. Many important things would cease to exist without it. Like humanity, and Sunny Leone’s porn career. But sex gives rise to some fucked up shit that people end up having to deal with. Like Sunny Leone’s film career. But in the mess that is human sexuality, aphrodisiacs have been used for […]

8 Things We All Wish Women Would Stop Doing To Each Other Right Now!

When it comes to understanding the bittersweet chord between men and women, we have a basic rule, “Men are from Mars and women are from Venus”. But a gender that is known to have been fighting for equality for decades, when it comes to their chemistry with each other, perhaps even Charles Darwin would put […]

10 Times Biswa Kalyan Rath Proved That He Is The King Of Chill By Giving No F***s

There are few people who can carry around the cool cat attitude at all times with ease. Biswa Kalyan Rath is one of them. The comedian continually impresses people with his sharp observational comedy and has become one of the A-listers on the Indian stand-up comedy scene. His caustic sense of humor is however not […]

This Railway Employee Asked For A Week’s Leave To Eat Chicken!

There are people who like chicken and then there are people who LOVE chicken so much that they actually end up asking for a week’s leave to eat it. Sounds hard to believe? Well, it really happened with a Railway Employee in Bilaspur District of Chhattisgarh. Source Pankaj Raj, a railway employee posted in Deepka […]

Today Is The World’s Longest Day – Let’s Celebrate With The Longest Things In The World!

So, it turns out, today is the world’s longest day. YAY! It’s not going to make a difference to just about anyone! But still, it’s always worth celebrating something slightly pointless. But how exactly can you celebrate something so uniquely random? You could enjoy the extra hours of sunlight – but we’re Indian. We get […]

10 People So Stupid, They Will Be Doing The World A Lot Of Good If They Don’t Procreate. Like Ever!

Some people are born stupid and others just make fun of it. Today, I shall try to thrust stupidity upon you, since that seems to be going around the internet quite freely. There are two types of people: idiots and then there are stupid people who SHOULD not procreate and add more misery to humanity. […]

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