These Photos Prove That The Dalai Lama Loves Pulling Beards

The Tibetian spiritual leader has a thing for beards. The Dalai Lama recently attended an event in Haridwar with Ramdev Baba and BJP leader L.K.Advani. Then he pulled Ramdev Baba’s beard. L.K. Advani wrote this on his blog: “I was amazed to see the Dalai Lama first greet him (Ramdev) as one does normally but […]

15 Annoying Photos That Can Make Anyone Uncomfortable

 What were they thinking when they built a triangular elevator? It is genuinely very easy to irritate a perfectionist. To make them feel uncomfortable, you just need to keep one thing that doesn’t belong there. There are things that make us say “You had one job!” or “Why would you do that?” Even if you […]

From Ghosts To Shitting On Houseplants, These Redditors Believed Some Really Stupid Things During Childhood

Childhood was a simpler time. You didn’t need the internet to have fun, you just needed to pick your nose. Source But childhood was also a confusing time. Because most of us couldn’t really take care of ourselves. We relied on our moms and dads to sort our shit out while we were sorting out […]

15 Photos Which Prove Love Only Gets Better When You Grow Older

Those who grow old with their loved ones are very lucky. Love makes life a little easy. Life is beautiful when you have someone to hold your hand and walk your path with. Our generation might never know how the older generation survived and held on to relations. Maybe, these senior couples can be an […]

#WhyImPoorIn4Words Is Trending On Twitter And Everyone Is Contributing With Their Best Reasons

“Gareebo Ki Suno, Woh Tumhari Sunega” is Twitter’s latest cause as #WhyImPoorIn4Words trends. Source Twitter trends are fickle. They change on a whim, going from one topic to another, without mercy. Sometimes, they have absolutely no purpose, but sometimes, they hit that sweet spot of problems only people on Twitter can possibly have. Like complaining […]

This ‘Trying To Impress Crush’ Joke Format Has Gone Viral And They Are REALLY Hilarious!

The joke is going viral for all the right reasons and is rib-ticklingly funny! All of us have had that moment where we are trying to impress our crush. That cocktail of feeling fear and excitement is universal. The process of pursuing someone you like is riddled with awkwardness and at times you cannot get over the […]

Snapdeal Snaps Away From Merger Talks With Flipkart, Twitter Laughs

Snapdeal snapped the deal of merging with Flipkart and Twitteratti had a field day After six months of negotiation, Snapdeal called off the merger with Flipkart. A meeting was to be called today and tomorrow to settle the merger proposition. A call was made between the stakeholders last night and the announcement was made earlier […]

7 Of The Shittiest “Cheap First Date Ideas” We Found On The Internet

Love is the worst. Not because it’s hard to find. Woh to sab jaga mil jaata hain. Love is like a Ferrari. It’s technically easy to find, but cannot be maintained on Indian roads. But because Indians are optimistic to a fault, we try repeatedly to make love happen. We make movies, sing songs about people […]

10 Amusing Things That Can Happen Only In Japan

Falling asleep at work is a sign of diligence in Japan! When you think about Japan, the first thing that usually comes to your mind is sushi. Also the karaoke, and martial arts. But the country is more than its food and music. Being one of the most advanced (in terms of technology) countries in […]

10 Statues Who Are Definitely Unhappy With What’s Going On Around Them

Being a statue must be pretty hard right? They’re just there, waiting for the end of the world while one irritating tourist after another comes up to them and bugs them by taking countless pictures. Some even have the terrible fortune of being modelled after real people. And most just don’t look a thing like […]

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