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15 Tweets That Sum Up What It Is Like To Interview Today’s Kids

Everyone knows what it is like to give an interview Don’t you remember how your first interview was a disaster? We’ve all lied about one thing on our resume. We’ve all made the “I don’t know” face when we were asked, “Why should we hire you?” There is so much that your interviewer will judge […]

Ram Nath Kovind Is India’s New President And Twitter Is Making Jokes

NDA candidate and former Bihar Governor Ram Nath Kovind is the next President of the country. He won the Presidential contest after beating Meira Kumar. At the end of counting, Kovind had received over 7 lakh votes indicating about 65 per cent of the votes that were cast.  He is the second Dalit after KR Narayanan […]

A Father Of Four Daughters Tweets The Funniest Real Parenting Stories!

If you happen to check his twitter profile, it will be filled with his conversations with the family. As a parent, he takes situations from his daily life, the conversations he has with his daughters and puts it up on the social media platform. Seems ordinary? Nothing special? That’s where he proves it wrong. His […]

For Some Mysterious Reason The Trivago Guy Got Trolled On Twitter And The Reactions Are Simply Hilarious!

Twitter is highly amused with the Trivago Ad guy, turns him into a meme. Twitter is a mysterious place where anything goes. You never know what will trend at any moment. This platform has a knack of digging up old graves and flashing it in public view. Remember that Trivago ad? This one. He is […]

Mayawati Threatens To Resign From Rajya Sabha And Twitter Is More Than Happy

Uttar Pradesh politician Mayawati walked out of the Rajya Sabha declaring she would quit if she was not allowed to speak. It is alleged that she was trying to raise the issue of atrocities the Dalits face on daily basis. Accusing the BJP of being anti-Dalit Mayawati said, “Since the BJP has come to power, there have […]

Twitter Plays Troll Yet Again, Makes Fun Of Hardik Pandya’s New Haircut

Hardik Pandya learns it the hard way that all makeovers are not equal, gets trolled for his new haircut. When you go for a haircut, you usually have a game plan. You know before hand whether it’s a regular trim you want or a different look entirely. Usually, most know what they want before they […]

This Picture Of Modi’s Lookalike Is Taking Twitter By Storm!

Prime Minister Modi is Twitter’s favorite and the users of this micro-blogging site never miss out on any opportunity of trolling him. Recently, a picture of his lookalike has been doing rounds on the internet and Twitterati are losing their mind over it. Modiji is known for his ‘wanderlust’ and his traveling pictures flood the […]

A Woman Brings Her Whole Desktop Onto The Train & Twitter Gets Busy Brainstorming!

What do you do when your boss doesn’t approve your leave and you have a train to catch for your vacation? Well, no you don’t ask for a laptop, you simply pick up your desktop and work throughout the journey! Don’t believe me? This woman was seen with her iMac plugged in the train, and […]

Israel’s PM And Modi Are BFFs Chilling On The Beach; Twitter Can’t Stop Trolling

The internet wouldn’t stop talking about Modi’s visit to Israel and just when we all thought that the world of social media was over it, Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu posted a picture of him and Narendra Modi chilling on the beach. This picture is unlike the formal pictures we’ve seen so far and Twitter […]

Twitter Is Completely Relating To Rajkumar Rao’s Tweet About His Body Transformation

If you think Aamir is the only perfectionist Bollywood has, it’s time to check out this amazing progress Rajkumar Rao has shown. The National Film Award Winner has been working hard on his upcoming project ‘Bose’ and recently updated his fans about the look that he might have in the movie. The ‘Trapped’ actor has […]

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