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These Jokes On Children’s Day Are So Funny, They Should Be Hidden From Real Children

Today, India celebrates Children’s day and Nehruji’s birthday. The day is celebrated to increase awareness towards rights, care, and education of children. Obviously, twitterati is not taking it in that way. What better way to celebrate the day than laughing right? We compiled the best tweets that surfaced on our timelines: #1 Okay, this is the […]

12 Funny Tweets That Will Cheer Up Any Gloomy Monday Blues Away!

Mondays are brutal. They come as a rude shock after a relaxing weekend. The weekend somehow seems to pass faster than expected and you are left with a hollow feeling on the first day of the week. The hustle begins again. Getting up and slaying the day needs motivation for some of us. Here are […]

Modi And Rahul Gandhi Met, Stared And Twitter Had The Funniest Reaction To It

Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Rahul Gandhi came face to face at the Parliament at a memorial event of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel‘s birth anniversary. The moment they met, they had an intense staredown and Twitter being Twitter couldn’t stop making fun of this image. Recently, Rahul Gandhi had posted that his pet pooch Pidi was handling his social […]

‘Gangadhar Shaktimaan Tha’, Folks On Twitter Give GST A Bunch Of Hilarious Meanings

Last night GST got a whole new meaning! Yeh GST, GST kya hai? The whole country knows what it is. So, the actual full form is goods and services tax. That has been a topic of debate since the day it came in our lives. Some folks on Twitter asked what the full form was and boy, […]

People On Twitter Were Bursting Out With Laughter Instead Of Bursting Crackers On Diwali!

In case, you’ve had to wake up and come to work, this might be the dose of laughter you need. This was probably the most silent Diwali ever, well it was supposed to be, at least for Delhi. Which obviously gave us so many reasons to laugh. The janta on Twitter was too jobless and […]

18 Desi Tweets For Every Indian Who Is Working His Ass Off This Diwali Week

Well, Diwali is here and there is no way ‘work’ should be anywhere around the corner. But let’s just face reality, things don’t actually go well with all of us. Not all of us can afford a week-long vacation to go back home shouting ‘Happy Diwali’ and not all of us have the liberty to […]

15 People Described Their Sex Lives With Movie Titles And It’s Funny If You Get It

Twitter has pretty much always been a platform where people come up with the cleverest things to say. It can keep you entertained for hours if you know where to look. This article is a compilation of tweets where people used the hashtag #sexlifeinmovietitles to describe their sex lives using movie titles and it’s just brilliant. […]

These #ExplainAFilmPlotBadly Tweets Sum Up Bollywood Movies In The Most Entertaining Way!

Film plots can sometimes stretch for hours, and get ridiculously tangled and twisted up on the way. Luckily, some kind folks on Twitter did us all a favour and explained Bollywood’s favourite flicks in tweets, albeit very badly. Here are some that deserve special recognition.  #1. Adult Film star is born. Then she dies. #ExplainAFilmPlotBadly […]

Twitter Can’t Believe Some Of The Things Hrithik Said In His Interview With Arnab

Every time, you open your social media account, a new Hrithik- Kangana’s allegation turns up on your feed. While this has been going on since few years, Hrithik finally decided to talk about the matter on a public platform. What started with a silly remark about an ex, snowballed into a full-blown criminal investigation about stalking. Today, […]

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