Seven Letters From The Woman On The Other Side Of The Mirror #FearFest

The letters began arriving a week ago, on Monday. They arrived in the mail, no return address. Just my name on the somewhat worn out envelope, etched in a childlike hand. Thinking it was some stupid prank, I pushed it to the back of mind and got on with my day. Who sends letters these […]

When Do The Dead Know They Aren’t Of This World Any Longer? #FearFest

When my eyes open, it’s stormy outside and the room is gloomy and cold. The sun has almost set and very little light remains, and soon it will be all but gone. It’s enough to make out the blurry outlines and dark shapes and to keep me from stumbling. I’m dreaming wide awake. I get […]

The Diary Left Behind By The Boy Who Once Called This House, Home #FearFest

We’d been planning this trip forever and naturally, were all super excited. We were headed for some quiet time and catching up. We chose an obscure little town. Knowing little of it, we found a neat little cottage by the sea on Airbnb. We got a taxi from the airport. Arrived at 10 pm on […]

Little Boy Crying In The Corner, Do You Want To Play With Me? #FearFest

While everyone else in my dorm fell asleep once the lights were out, I couldn’t help but stay awake. That was the only part of the day I looked forward to. Playing with him. I don’t know who “him” is. I didn’t then. I don’t now.  The first time I heard the whisper, I was […]

The Sleep Is When The Nightmares Come Knocking #FearFest

I’d reached out to him tonight. He wasn’t there, like the past 4 months. The bed was empty and made up on the other side. The sleep has a way of turning your dreams into a slow churning nightmare. I remember the day I received his call. I was at work and it was the […]

The Hand That Rocks The Cradle Sings A Lullaby While I Sleep #FearFest

24th March 1977 Today I say hello to a new future. But before that, I need to go back to the past, one last time. I need to tell you about my Mother. Growing up, it was just the two of us, so we were really close. We moved around a lot, like we were […]

The Lady At The Window Across The Street Sees Everything #FearFest

It was one of those days where the clouds invaded the sky and blocked out the Sun.  The streets seemed empty except for the cars parked on the pavement. The buzz of the traffic had mysteriously disappeared and the sound of silence got heavier. She’d parked her wheelchair by the window as every day. Her […]

You Cannot Run From What You Cannot See #FearFest

Every night, I dream the same dream… and every night, death gets closer. I’m afraid to fall asleep, not knowing if I will wake the next morning. So every day, I move to a new place, hoping to outrun it, though I cannot run as fast as he. It begins the same way. I find […]

He’s Here In Every Waking Moment, Watching Every Move I Make #FearFest

He speaks to me. Follows me wherever I go. Watches my every move. He even lives me with me. Or he would, if he were alive. I want him to go, but he stays. It started off innocently at first. Just a shadow, just a reflection, just a whisper. I didn’t mind. It was somehow, […]

She Creeps Into My Bed When The Lights Are Out To Play A Dangerous Game #FearFest

When she told me she’d never let go,  she wasn’t lying. So every night I’d wake up to sound of her footsteps, footsteps that made the floorboards creak. And hear her calling, “Come out to play.” Mum doesn’t believe me. She says it’s because I miss Sarah that I feel her here. But she never left. […]

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