These Adorable Pictures Of Adnan Sami With His Daughter Will Melt Your Heart!

Singer Adnan Sami was blessed with the baby girl in the month of May and now the little angel has turned four months old. Adnan, who is a new daddy, couldn’t be more proud and decided to introduce his bundle of joy in the most royal manner possible. Source Adnan and Roya Sami decided to […]

Here Are 5 Revelations That Sunny Leone Made About Embracing Motherhood

Sunny Leone does not require a formal introduction and this wonderful woman who we are all fond of is just more than a celebrity. She is now a mother who is doing the best she can to give all the love to her daughter, Nisha Kaur Weber, who has been adopted from Latur, a village […]

“Both Daniel And I Are Hands-on Parents,” Says An Enthusiastic Sunny Leone!

Sunny Leone And Daniel Weber are the new parents in B-town and they are absolutely loving this phase of life. The couple had recently adopted a baby girl from Latur, a village in Maharashtra and named her Nisha Kaur Weber.  Source Recently, Sunny spoke about how wonderful it is to be a mother and her […]

This Mother’s Trick To Check Her Daughter Whereabouts Is Pure Genius

Do you remember the time when we wanted to go for sleepovers and needed our parents’ permission? (Who am I kidding? I still need permission) OR Our early college days when we used to meet our friends or go out on the date and give an excuse of so- called ‘college fest’? The absolute favourite; going […]

A Father Of Four Daughters Tweets The Funniest Real Parenting Stories!

If you happen to check his twitter profile, it will be filled with his conversations with the family. As a parent, he takes situations from his daily life, the conversations he has with his daughters and puts it up on the social media platform. Seems ordinary? Nothing special? That’s where he proves it wrong. His […]

José Chilling With His Daughter Chloe In This Video Is The Cutest Thing You’ll See Today!

We all know José Covaco, don’t we? To make it a little easier to recall, we all know him as ‘Hoezaay’, the MTV guy and also the Radio guy and also the funny person who makes hilarious misheard lyrics video and a super amazing dad on Snapchat with his adorable daughter Chloe. Source Life changes when […]

These Beautiful Poems Are What All The Girls Need To Read On This National Girl Child Day!

She is a daughter, sister, a wife and a mother, in all forms of love. Her compassion and strength have no limits and there is an infinite pool of care that blossoms right when she comes to life, a girl. So much are we unsafe for the ‘xx chromosome’, that we have a National Girl […]

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