Daddy trailer

This Is What Arun Gawli Had To Say To Arjun Rampal About His Biopic ‘Daddy’

Bollywood has always been obsessed with gangsters. And this time, Arjun Rampal‘s ‘Daddy’ has been garnering a lot of apprehension from the public since its trailer launch and songs as well. The movie is based on true events and accounts of Arun Gawli, who was a known gangster of his time who turned into a […]

14 Facts About Arun Gawli After You’ve Got Your Hands On Daddy’s Trailer

If you haven’t watched the trailer for the upcoming political crime drama, ‘Daddy’ starring Arjun Rampal, perhaps, it’s time I say Good Morning! Watch the trailer right now!┬áThe Arun Gawli biopic is hitting the screens on 21st July and has already been expected to be one of the finest performances that Arjun Rampal might be […]

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