These Adorable Pictures Of Adnan Sami With His Daughter Will Melt Your Heart!

Singer Adnan Sami was blessed with the baby girl in the month of May and now the little angel has turned four months old. Adnan, who is a new daddy, couldn’t be more proud and decided to introduce his bundle of joy in the most royal manner possible. Source Adnan and Roya Sami decided to […]

This Artist Illustrated Daily Adventures With His Wife And The Comics Are Hilarious

Yehuda Devir is an artist and character designer. His wife is his inspiration for most of the illustrations. There is a series of comics on how the couple gets through each day. Whether it is his wife taking tons of time getting ready or wrecking up the kitchen but ending up with cereal for dinner or […]

14 Pictures That Prove Kids Are A Perfect Blend Of Serious Trouble And Fun!

Kids are definitely one of the most beautiful creations of God and even though they can cause serious mess sometimes, they are an absolute bundle of joy. They might paint our walls and eat things off the floor but we can’t seem to stop loving them!  Source Well, we all learn from our mistakes and […]

15 Photos Which Prove Love Only Gets Better When You Grow Older

Those who grow old with their loved ones are very lucky. Love makes life a little easy. Life is beautiful when you have someone to hold your hand and walk your path with. Our generation might never know how the older generation survived and held on to relations. Maybe, these senior couples can be an […]

This Animated Film Talks About Homosexuality In The Sweetest Way Possible

This animated movie talks about homosexuality in the sweetest possible way! There are rare films that can explain something so beautifully. And in a world, which is intolerance and hatred is more prominent than love, this animated short film ‘In A Heartbeat’ will make you think and smile. The film picks up the sensitive issue […]

20 Pictures That Show Why Every Baby Should Grow Up With A Pet!

Pets just make the house a happier place and there is nothing more adorable than seeing your pet and your little kids spend time together. Getting a pet for your child makes them understand true love and they grow as compassionate humans. Pets are a living example of unconditional love and often display an understanding […]

This Mother Creates Beautiful Arsty Landscapes With Her Child As A Muse, The Results Are Spectacular

Krinzal, uses her artistic ideas, photography and everyday items to create captivating photos of her baby.

Instead Of Kareena Kapoor, It Was Taimur Ali Khan Who Stole The Show!

Kareena Kapoor Khan had stolen the show with the pregnancy. Wherever she went, photographers went crazy for the pictures. But this time, it’s not her; it’s her son. Taimur Ali Khan. When the name was announced, social media were slamming the couple to give such a name. But soon, Taimur has won the hearts all […]

Shabana Azmi Praised Suhana’s Acting Skills And Shahrukh Had The Sweetest Reply

Shabana Azmi has been in the industry for more than four decades. Her acting skills are commendable; loved by people of all ages. The veteran actress has predicted that superstar Shah Rukh Khan’s daughter, Suhana Khan, will be a “good” actor. She took to Twitter to praise Suhana. “Mark my words #SuhanaKhan is going to be a […]

A Fan Won A Contest On Radio City But What She Won Was More Than She Had Ever Hoped

Ever listened to the radio? On-air programs on the radio, these days usually have the RJ’s holding up contests for the listeners. One such listener happened to be Nikita, a student listening to Sucharita Tyagi’s show. Nikita ended up winning the contest and when she came to collect her prize, she requested to meet the […]

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