Today I Learnt That This Guy From ‘Vikraal Aur Gabraal’ Played For The Indian Cricket Team

What do you like to do when you’re bored? Some guys like binge watching shows on Netflix. Some like playing video games. And if you’re as talented as I am, you probably watch TV shows on YouTube. You know the drill. Start binging on a run-of-the-mill Gordon Ramsay show and then end up knowing everything […]

Could Aleem Dar Giving Kohli ‘Not Out’ Bring India and Pakistan Closer? People Think So

You know your issues with an ex have peaked when her name comes up when you’re with someone else. India’s been touring South Africa for the last couple of months. After coming up a little short in the Test Series, India over-compensated by winning the first three matches of the ODI series.¬†And even though the […]

Kohli Does The Unthinkable, Takes One-Day Cricket To Another Level After Today’s Century

Over the last decade, millions of articles and other web-pieces related to Virat Kohli have been posted on the internet. The frequency of these published posts however refuses to slow down. Whether it’s India’s victory or defeat, Virat Kohli always manages to be in the center of it. Sometimes even when he’s not in the […]

Sarfraz Ahmed’s Dhoni Style Manuever At The First T20I Match Left Twitter In Splits

So, remember when MS Dhoni went all Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon on the field? Source The former Indian captain surprised everyone with his sprightly split, leaving fans all around the country marvelling at his level of fitness. And now another cricketing great, Sarfraz Ahmed has joined the club. The Pakistani skipper was the highlight of […]

South African Batsman Scores 37 Runs In A Single Over And Creates A World Record

Jean-Paul Duminy was playing for Cape Cobras in a one day cup match with the opponents – the Knights.

And The Award For Best Actor Goes To, Irfan Pathan! Or At Least That’s What Femina Thinks

Remember how excited you were when Irrfan Khan won Best Actor at Filmfare 2018? Prepare to be slightly less excited in a minute. Source The actor who delivered a stellar performance in 2017’s biggest sleeper hit was awarded for his efforts this weekend. And naturally, fans and multiple publications came crawling out of the woodwork […]

Virat Kohli Gets Angry At A Journalist In The Post Match Press Conference

Team India haven’t really performed according to their potential on the current tour of South Africa. With an awful batting performance for the fourth time in a row, Kohli and co. had to face back-to-back losses. In the post-match presser, Virat Kohli had to face some serious questions from a journalist and the Indian skipper […]

Here Are The 8 Most Important Innings Rahul Dravid Played For Team India

You wanted Sachin to play well but you needed Rahul Dravid to score runs. Dravid is not just regarded as one of the greatest batsmen of his generation, but also as one of the finest human beings to have played the game. A discussion about the rise of the Indian Cricket Team is incomplete without […]

How Rahul Dravid Tackled Australian Sledging During His Famous Partnership With Laxman

The test match India played against Australia in 2001 in Kolkata will forever be etched in history books. Rahul Dravid and VVS Laxman padded up and walked on to the field, only to return as bonafide legends. Every Indian cricket fan was anxious and on the edge of their seats as these two batsmen faced […]

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