Cannes 2017

Travelling By Air? Give These Celebrity-Inspired Comfortably Stylish Outfits A Go!

Travelling is perhaps the most stressful part of a holiday. Or the most stressful part of any plan, really. Remember Home Alone? Yeah. The only thing that’s probably worse, I guess, is deciding your travel outfits. To be able to successfully blend style with comfort and make it look effortless is no easy task. Luckily […]

Day 4 At Cannes 2017: Aishwarya Is The Black Swan Ready To Take Over The World

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan has made more than enough headlines for her stunning beauty and timeless pieces at Cannes 2017 this year. With the last three days full of Aishwarya making it hard to ignore her pictures on the web, it seems the Cannes Queen has finally gotten into the Red Carpet rules and mastered the […]

Aishwarya’s Cannes 2017 Looks By Far And Her Perfect BFF Shot With Rihanna Have Made Our Weekend Already!

CannesĀ is the one festival that brings beauty and couture hand in hand every year, in the best amalgamations possible. Every year actors and models up their ante and keep us sighing as we see them flawlessly walking the red carpet. As usual, Bollywood faces are not a rare visual at the Cannes Festival, this time […]

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