We Bet Our Favorite Actors Did These Movies Only To Mess With Our Heads

We adore Bollywood actors, we do but at times, they mess with our heads. We love how effortlessly Bollywood movies make our lives better. And they don’t even have to try, they just have to do what they do; act. The number of butterflies that flutter in our stomach when a hero looks at his […]

11 Facts About India’s Biggest Action Star, Fearless Nadia Whose 110th Birthday Google Is Celebrating Today

Stunt work is the lynch-pin for any decent action film. But Fearless Nadia was certainly the lynch-pin for female-led action films in India. Source During the British Raj, an Indian woman in skimpy clothes kicking-ass on screen might not have been too acceptable. Which is where the Australian Mary Ann Evans and her screen persona […]

Rejected By Bollywood, This Bihar-Born Actor Has Taken Latin American Cinema By Storm

For Prabhakar Sharan, Bollywood is too close to home! The Bihar born actor is now playing a lead role in a Latin American film and believe us when we say that the film is doing really well, making Prabhakar a star in the industry. Hailing from Motihari, Bihar, Prabhakar got his big break with the […]

These Bollywood Films Would Have Been Very Different If Actors Hadn’t Walked Out Of Them

For actors, things are always planned way ahead of time. Their dates are carefully issued to movies and events, courtesy their managers. Once they decide on a movie, it rarely happens that an actor leaves the project midway. However, sometimes things don’t go well and actors have walked out of movies that had already started […]

10 Things You Didn’t Notice In Jab We Met When It First Came Out

Imtiaz Ali’s romantic-comedy, Jab We Met, continues to be one of the most loved films even after 10 years of its release. The 2007 film Jab We Met needs no introduction. The character of Geet was inspired by a girl Imtiaz Ali met on a bus in Delhi. “Geet was inspired by a girl I met while […]

These Bollywood Songs Turn A Decade Old In 2018 And Like You, We Still Remember the Lyrics

2008 was a good year for Bollywood music. Way better than 2017 at least. We can all agree on that, can’t we? The whole point of Bollywood music went missing in the recent years. But there are some gems that have stayed with us throughout the years.We can still get up and dance on ‘Pappu […]

Akshay Kumar Just Revealed His Look From ‘Kesari’ And Fans Can’t Believe The Transformation

Akshay Kumar has come to be associated with quality cinema, of late. As such, every movie that he is a part of, raises the level of expectations people have. The same is happening with ‘Kesari’, Akshay Kumar‘s upcoming project with Dharma Productions. The film is based on the battle of Sargarhi from 1897. The film […]

Kriti Sanon And Shahid Kapoor Have Just Received The Most Pointless Award In The World

Star Screen Awards gave Kriti Sanon and Shahid Kapoor ‘Nothing To Hide’ awards. Okay, we get it that awards are given away for free and award functions are a scam. This took it to another level itself and we have to say, nothing beats this! So, like every other year, the Star Screen Awards aired […]

12 Vintage Indian Print Ads Featuring Bollywood Celebrities That Were Totally Shady!

Advertising is a subtle art of selling things that we don’t need in the first place. One such format of advertising that was hugely popular was print ads – mostly because there wasn’t much of television or social media advertising. They were hugely popular in the early 80s and 90s and featured many leading Bollywood […]

What 10 Iconic Bollywood Dialogues Would Sound Like If Written By Shashi Tharoor

2017 has undoubtedly been the year of Shashi Tharoor getting India to collectively reach for a dictionary. Source All the man needed was one tweet, one fateful line that changed the standards of India’s vocabulary for the rest of time. Shashi Tharoor prompted a whole country to look at itself and just how basic our […]

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