90s Nostalgia: 15 Biscuits We Grew Up Eating That Are Still Our Favorites!

Every Indian home back in the 90s stocked on at least 2-3 of these biscuits. Looking back at them will give you a beautiful (delicious) trip down the memory lane.

Ever Wondered Why There Are Holes In Bourbon Biscuits? Here’s The Reason

Who doesn’t like Bourbon? The little biscuits that taste like heaven! The rectangular chocolate cookie with the impeccable¬†taste, Bourbon is the best biscuit¬†there is. We have never questioned anything about the Bourbon biscuits before, we did not have any reasons too. Having said that, there was one answer we always wanted. Are the holes in […]

The Fascinating Story Of Parle G That The 5 Year Old In You Deserves To Know

Show me an Indian who doesn’t love Parle G and I will change my name. Can we just declare that Parle G is the best biscuit in the whole world? The beauty of this biscuit is it can go with anything and by anything, we mean anything. Whether it is chai or coffee or even […]

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