Holy Smokes! These Sisters Make A Livelihood By Selling Weed!

Meet the Sisters of the Valley, a group of women who grow and supply handmade medicinal marijuana to people suffering across the globe. From their one-acre plot in California’s Central Valley, the sisters grow and sell $60k worth of weed every month.

Now that’s called living the high life!

Founded in 2014 by Sister Kate, the order describes themselves as anarchists, activists, and sisters, though not the religious kind, of course. They’re not Catholic nuns, and they’re very clear about it.
They’re merely humble medicine-making women who are working to shed light across the planet on the urgent need for all of us to save ourselves and save the planet by changing how we live and how we consume.

The sisters have modelled themselves after the Beguines, groups of women from the middle ages who lived, worked and prayed together without input from men or the church. 

Their goal? To establish themselves in every city across the planet.

They’re not in the business to get rich, but merely empower people to heal themselves. They also believe that legalising cannabis commerce will improve economic opportunities, employing only the terminally unemployed themselves.

California legalised medicinal marijuana in 1996, but local law restricts the industry’s growth, so the sisters have to be especially careful about paying every cent of taxes and making no cash sales. They know that if given cause, they’ll be shut down.

The Sisters cultivate their field in a spiritual environment and make all of their products during moon cycles, inspired by ancient wisdom. The cannabis they grow is non- psychoactive, low in THC and high in CBD, an aspirin-like chemical compound with pain alleviating properties. The products they make find customers all around the world, from various sections of society, belonging to various schools of thought.

As Sister Kate puts it, “Suffering is democratic.”
And she’s absolutely right.

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