Shahid Afridi Didn’t Know What ‘Leg Before Wicket’ Means And The Internet Lost It

Full disclosure – I know nothing about cricket. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. The notion of 11 men chasing 1 ball around feels a little pointless to me. But other people seem to really seem to enjoy it. A testament to this fact is just how upset they end up getting every time a cricketer says something slightly off-key. Which is exactly what happened here with Shahid Afridi – former Pakistan captain and current Twitter joke.

Turns out the respected all- rounder just couldn’t figure out the meaning to “Leg Before Wicket”. What isΒ “Leg Before Wicket”? I dunno – let us ask Google.

Shahid Afridi Source

Right, so it would seem like something he is supposed to know, but he didn;t which is why Twitter lost its shit and started commenting willy-nilly. We have carefully curated the wittiest/dumbest comments for your viewing pleasure.









Our apologies to Mr. Afridi for making fun of him. Clearly, he needed no assistance and was doing the job just fine by himself.

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