Salman Khan Shares His Fitness Mantra And Now You Can Be Like Bhai Too!

We all know how obsessed Salman Khan is with his fitness and he makes it very evident by constantly, you know, removing his shirt in the movies. Bhai makes it a point to exercise every day and has actually contributed a lot in spreading the message of having a fit body.

Recently, Bhai launched e-cycles under ‘Being Human’ and promoted his idea of a fit lifestyle. He has always loved cycling and we’ve also spotted him numerous times cycling on the streets of Mumbai.

Recently, the actor was seen cycling around, enjoying the weather, while promoting his upcoming movie Tubelight. The movie releases around Eid and Salman shares the onscreen space with his brother Sohail Khan.

Salman spoke about his love for cycling and also the overall benefits of cycling on the human body. He has encouraged people to leave modes of transport that cause pollution and take up cycling as a healthier and more fit alternative.


Salman’s not running away from the reality and agrees that with age, one has to take more efforts in order to remain fit and healthy.


He believes that cycling is not only a convenient and eco-friendly mode of transport but is also safer.


Bhai also listed down the various health benefits of cycling. He is definitely a man who practices what he preaches!



By the time the video ends, it makes you want to give away other modes of transport that you’ve been using and opt for this eco-friendly and healthy alternate of traveling.

Watch the full video here:

Now that you know what keeps Salman fit, when are you getting your eco-friendly cycle?

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