Reema Lagoo Is Captured Beautifully In These Pictures Shot By Renuka Shahane, Her Onscreen Daughter

Reema Lagoo passed away today, at the age of 59 due to cardiac arrest and the entire nation was in shock. Not only did the iconic actress pass away suddenly, according to her family, she had no prior history of cardiac problems. Her loss was felt deeply, as one of Indian cinema’s most resolute matriarchal figures. The industry is mourning across the board as they commemorate the achievements of an iconic mother to countless iconic characters. But nobody has captured her better than Renuka Shahane who had shot her back in the day.

Reema Lagoo

These captivating black and white pictures of the actress are an ode to her inner and outer beauty. Renuka, who later got to play her daughter in “Hum Aapke Hain Kaun”, has posted some touching pictures on her Facebook account, and we can’t help but tear up along with her.

But the most beautiful tribute is paid by Renuka’s retelling of her relationship with Reema. The pictures were taken before the two of them worked together, but the childlike wonder Renuka feels when meeting an idol is definitely┬ásomething we can relate to.

“Reema Tai….the first time I met you, many, many years before I got to work with you in films, was at your home. You had made amazing “matkichi usal“. I couldn’t take my eyes off you… were so beautiful. Then I saw you on stage….” Savita Damodar Paranjape” ” Ghar Tighancha Hava”….you were outstanding…..what an immensely powerful actress you were on stage!”

Reema Lagoo

“We used to share our Tiffin boxes, make-up rooms… were protective about me…..if an actor became too friendly you would help me get out of any such situation…..I could spend hours watching you get ready. Though you would want to get ready as fast as possible because you didn’t much care for spending time on make-up. You didn’t need it much because you were naturally so beautiful.”

Reema Lagoo

“I wanted to take a picture of you in the mirror…..You were thrilled with the photos….but they didn’t do justice to your beauty…..And the Hindi films you did didn’t do your immense talent justice….and life hasn’t been just in snatching you away so early!”

Reema Lagoo

There is so much love being showered on Reema this tragic day. She will always be fondly remembered as one of India’s greatest actresses and greatest moms.

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