Let’s Celebrate Rahul Gandhi’s Birthday With These Hilarious Memes!

Rahul Gandhi is less known for his political career and more for his memes on the internet. He’s everyone’s favorite target when he comes to Chota Bheem memes and the internet has produced some really epic ones!

The Vice President of the Indian National Congress Party is celebrating his birthday today and we decided to be a part of this celebration by bringing to you these hilarious memes on Rahul Gandhi.

#1 He Has Exceptional Story Telling Skills.

Rahul GandhiSource

#2 Priority.

Rahul GandhiSource

#3 Priorities, Again!

Rahul GandhiSource

#4 Khaane Peene Ke Shaukeen

Rahul GandhiSource

#5 All In Favour Of This, Put Your Hands Up In The Air!

Rahul GandhiSource

#6 And, Priorities Again.

Rahul GandhiSource

#7 We Feel You, Bruh!


#8 Yeh Banenge Agle Karodpati?

Rahul GandhiSource

#9 What An Idea, Sirjee!

Rahul GandhiSource

#10 Sun Ke Bada Dukh Hua.

Rahul GandhiSource

Do you have a meme in mind? Send it across in the comment section as your birthday message to Rahul  Gandhi!

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