Twitter Reacts To PTI’s Inappropriate Tweet On Team India’s Defeat!

India’s defeat in the ICC Champions Trophy is making headlines everywhere and the media does not seem to spare the team for its underperformance. Fans all across the nation are expressing their disappointment in the team and the media headlines are just adding to the distress. PTI’s tweet on the defeat is one example of media losing its ethics!

The Press Trust of India posted a tweet about the team’s defeat and it is all in bad taste. We understand that the team could not play well but as fans, we must stand by them and abstain from using defaming language for the team.

Here’s the tweet from the PTI account:

It was natural of Twitterati to take offense in this tweet. Here’s how Twitter reacted to this distasteful tweet posted by PTI.

Do you feel the same about PTI’s tweet? Let us know your opinions in the comment section!

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