You’ll Never Believe What Priyanka Chopra Carries In Her Handbag!

Vogue’s recent interview with Desi Girl Priyanka Chopra had the talented actress reveal quite a bit about herself…and also the contents of her handbag. The craziest thing she has in there? A bottle of Tabasco hot sauce.

Why? Well, you never know when you’ll need it, apparently.

Answering the 73 questions she was asked during the interview, (which was highly entertaining BTW) the actress went into quite some detail about her personal life, and here are some fun facts for you:

1. When PeeCee arrives at Mumbai, she loves rolling down the windows on the long ride home and letting the wind flirt with her tresses.

2. The coolest thing PC has done is Sky Diving.

3. She loves her Pizza just like you do, with loads of Pepperoni & Jalapeno on it.

4. Surprisingly, she says her mum can’t cook!

5.  She classifies her style as “comfort chic” and draws inspiration from Rihanna & Rekha.

6. She has a major crush on and would love to marry 2Pac Shakur. Pity he’s dead.

7.  If she were a book it would be titled “Unfinished”. She’s not stopping now.

8. If you think you’ve had bad pickup lines thrown at you, Pee Cee’s had worse, “OMG did you just fart, cuz you just blew me away!”

9. How does she describe her job? I’m a professional liar & I get paid for it.”

Check out the naughtiest of PeeCee’s secrets here:

Isn’t her Boston accent hilarious?

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