Prateik Babbar Gets Candid About His Battle With Drug Addiction And Getting Sober

Prateik Babbar made his Bollywood debut with Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na as the shy Amit Mahant, the female lead’s introverted brother. It was a role that could have been easily gone unnoticed. But Prateik with his screen presence made a mark and was soon touted as the one to watch out for.

Prateik as Amit in Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na


He soon followed up this success with Dhobi Ghat, a film made by  Aamir Khan productions and came to be known as one of the promising young actors on the circuit. His legacy could have something to do with it. Or that he transformed completely in front of the camera and pulled the viewers into believing his character’s story. But off screen, Prateik had his own demons to fight.

Prateik drug addiction
In Dhobi Ghat


His next few films failed commercially at the box office. During this time he was also all consumed with his vices of drugs and alcohol. In a heart-bearing piece he wrote for Mid-day he discloses his experience with drug addiction.

He starts off by saying:

I am that 30-year-old Bollywood chap, the son of legendary actor Smita Patil, who passed away few days after childbirth, born into the family of Raj Babbar, with a legacy to honor. But, up until now, I was only embarrassed, guilty and misplaced. People know me as Prateik Babbar, but don’t know my story. Even today, I fear retribution, liability, and trial. Some of this may have been deserved at one time, but today, my story is one of success. It is a story of optimism, fortitude, celebration, and resurgence. I share this account so that my fans, family, and friends can hear of the isolating, all-consuming nature of addiction, its treacherous grasp, and the determination that helped me emerge from this terrorizing infirmity.

He goes on to bare his soul about he got acquainted with drugs at a very young age of 13. And how the need for escape soon became all consuming. He talks about how drugs which were initially taken to socialize soon became the only thing he needed to get through the day.

To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all. (2)

His tryst with an overdose made his take stock of his life and his addiction. Finally, after a year of a rehabilitation program, he has managed to get to the other side. He is clean of drugs and sober for a year. He ends his open letter with:

To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.

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