The Letter That Prakash Padukone Wrote For His Daughter Deepika Padukone Is Now Part Of A Board Curriculum!

Amidst the talks of nepotism, you have stars like Deepika Padukone pulling their weight. Deepika has played versatile roles on the big screen. From paisa-vasool massy entertainers like Race 2, Happy New Year to performance based roles in Piku, Finding Fanny.

Her raw performances brought these off-beat roles to life beautifully. One can say she is deserving of many awards. She won one such award for Piku.

When Deepika Padukone won the Best Actress Trophy at Filmfare in 2016 for Piku, she had something important to share with the audience. She took to the stage and gave a heartfelt speech. The speech was one-of-a-kind and was surprisingly a letter by her father, Prakash Padukone for both his daughters.

Here she is reading out the letter as her acceptance speech. You can see her breaking down with overwhelming emotions.

The ministry of education it seems to have taken this speech a bit too seriously. Now it is a part of Gujarat Board’s 12th Standard curriculum!

A fan took note of this chapter and shared it with Deepika on Twitter.

This was Deepika’s reply to the tweet.

She was surely surprised by these chain of events from the looks of it.

India is surely crazy about their stars!

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