#विश्व_पोहा_दिवस : India’s Favourite Breakfast – Poha – Has It’s Own Day And Twitter Is Celebrating!

Poha is amazing. It’s light, dry, delicious, you can eat it on the train without harassing people. It is the best way you can utilise rice if you’re vegetarian. It’s filling and it’s cheap. So it’s but natural people are eager to celebrate it. Which is why back in 2015 something amazing happened. These were the dark days in India’s history when Maggi was banned. People were screaming, hungry, lost without the snack that is so wrong, but still so right. This was when Twitter tried to rally a falling nation by diverting our attention to something better – Poha.

Thankfully, #विश्व_पोहा_दिवस aka Poha Day is still alive. And this year as well, Twitter is not holding back with its love for the iconic breakfast/lunch/dinner/hangover meal.













So what are you waiting for? Grab a bowl of Poha now!

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Mehernaz Patel

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