‘Pehredaar Piya Ki’ Actress Tejaswi Defends The Serial Comparing It With Game Of Thrones

As if the TV serial ‘Pehredaar Piya Ki’, with a storyline that promotes a relationship between a 10-year-old and a young woman, was not enough in garnering attention (for all the wrong reasons), seems that the cast of the show PPK has decided to make the situation worse.

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Recently, one of the viewers filed a petition with change.org, requesting Smriti Irani to ban the show. The petition has already crossed more than 50 thousand supporters.

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Responding to this, the lead actress Tejaswini Prakash compared it with Game of Thrones in an interview. According to Tejaswi, who plays the role of Diya and marries Ratan Singh who is half her age, the show is nothing but progressive. In an interview to IANS, Tejaswi has compared the serial with the HBO fantasy drama series, Game Of Thrones and wonders why the audience doesn’t have a problem with that too!

“It also happened in Game Of Thrones… People love Game Of Thrones and if same thing happens in Pehredaar Piya Ki, then it’s an issue,” 

Seems like Tejaswi doesn’t know that GoT for the fact is shot in the backdrop of the middle ages and the so called ‘progressive’ daily soap is set in the present times.

“I think it’s really progressive. But again, a lot of people believe in judging a book by its cover… They love being judgmental and people have nothing better to do than judging somebody else’s work. Then okay, what can I do?”

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I feel it’s just a story and fiction. It’s just a story that we are telling people. So how can you judge any story? You like it okay, you don’t like it, so, you don’t like it. We are not professors, we are not trying to teach you anything,” 

When asked about how she feels about the flak that the serial has been suffering from,

“No, I’m an actor. I just get my script, go on the set and I perform. Honestly, I’m not on a lot of social sites to be aware of any such comments… I am only active on Instagram. Nobody calls and says anything to me. It’s probably the creatives… They should talk to the creatives about the criticism,”

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Commenting on the honeymoon scenes and the Suhaag Raat, she says,

“No, it’s not what a normal ‘suhag raat’ and honeymoon is like. Obviously, me and Ratan are not married to have babies. It’s different. Once people watch it and then they find it yucky or anything, then I would be fine and understandable. There is nothing wrong that we have shown.”

Well, we wish that team PPK gets a reality check and stops promoting such bizarre storyline just for the sake of TRP’s.

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