Twitterati In Pakistan Reacts To Sehwag’s Tweet On Congratulating The Winning Team

Pakistan took home the ICC Champions Trophy and the match was definitely one of the worst performances of India. Despite losing by 180 runs, India kept the sportsmanship alive and our players and former players congratulated the Pak team because we can’t deny that their players put on a splendid show.

The match ruthlessly divided the world of social media into supporters and haters. Sehwag was one such person who became a victim of the social media’s hatred. He congratulated Pak team on their win and Twitterati in Pakistawasre in no mood to take it sportingly.

Here’s what Sehwag tweeted:

Sehwag’s tweet was all in good spirits but Pakistan was not going to let go of this opportunity to slam Sehwag for his previous tweets! Indian supporters didn’t miss out on this chance to express their dismay over the team’s poor performance either. Here’s how Pak team supporters and angry Indians took over Sehwag’s tweet.

We can’t deny the fact that we are disappointed in the team but hey, they’ve shown some brilliant performances and we can’t judge them on the basis of this one match. Also, Sehwag’s tweet did not really deserve this kind of hatred. Afterall, we can’t deny that the Pak team played really well and they deserved this win.

Tell us what you think about Sehwag’s tweet on congratulating the opponent team and the reactions that he received!

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