11 Of The Oddest Jobs In India That Will Make You Grateful For The One You Have

Everybody hates work and offices. Well, most of us do.
You’ll hardly find an employee who’s perfectly happy with his/her job because you see humans will always keep craving for more. At this very moment, you’re probably even sitting and wondering, why you even do the job you do.

Well, not anymore because we are here with 11 odd jobs that people out there are making a living out of, making you feel like you’re on cloud nine. Yes, there are people who go to work who don’t have cosy cubicles, apple systems or HR policies to be unhappy about.

1. Gravediggers

While the relatives mourn their loss, there is somebody whose job is to see dead bodies and crying people all the time. Even worse, he is the one digging a grave, adding his bit to the traditional rituals of burying people. Also, he has to take out the rotten bones and make sure the corpse rests in peace.


2. Sewage Cleaners

While we frown at the first site of shit and clogged drains, these real-time heroes go to work to take a dip in the dirty sewage, cleaning everything and making sure we have a peaceful shower or washing dishes episode. What’s worse? The salary part.


3. Roadside Dentists/Ear Cleaners

Who wants to peep into dirty, tobacco rotten teeth and wax-filled ears that would just make you puke? Well, roadside dentists and ear cleaners have seen it all, without any antiseptic or a mask!


4. Manual Scavengers: Toilet Cleaners

The caste system in India is the nightmare for Dalits. It gave rise to manual scavenging, making people take up the job of cleaning toilets with bare hands. Though the system has become quite redundant, casteism still breathes in nooks and corners of the country.


5. Bird Deterrents

If you think your job is boring, how about trying to shoo birds away holding a flag? In a lot of hotels in Jaipur, people are hired for a specific purpose, using a flag and driving pigeons and birds away from fountains.


6. Professional Mourners

Imagine yourself at work that consists of crying incessantly at someone’s funerals? Women in Rajasthan were and are still hired to mourn loudly at funerals. They are also known as Rudaalis of Rajasthan.


7. Laughter Therapists

Are you good at laughing? How about getting paid for making people laugh and happy? Laughter yoga is becoming a thing and there are fewer chances of this job ever getting affected by a recession.


8. Doorman

Standing the whole day and opening doors to random people who don’t even seem to notice you most of the times, this one is definitely one difficult job.


9. Electricians

While this may not be much of an odd job in other places, electricians in India have to deal with a lot of shocks, especially when the scenario is like this.


10. Sex Workers

While this is banned and illegal, there is no job worse than being a sex worker, and leading a life in brothels where there is no sign of love and escape.


11. Pakoda Sellers


So we’ve gone full meta here and dared to talk about the most revolutionary occupation India has to offer. Selling pakodas.

Bhajia and chaat be damned. Because if you don’t get a mention in the PM’s speech, your employment shall not be recognised.

So, what do you think? Are you still thinking of ditching your job and hunting for a better one?

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