The New Baahubali Is An Adorable Newborn Tiger Cub!

There’s another Baahubali now and he is definitely winning hearts but for a different reason. Not only is this little one representing power and valour but he is equally adorable. The Nandankanan zoo authorities in Odisha named a 13-month tiger cub as “Baahubali” at the presence of new Forest and Environment Minister Bijayshree Routray.

Baahubali Tiger cubRepresentational Image: Source

The Zoo management used a very unique method to name this tiger cub. They put a drop box outside the tiger enclosure and asked tourists to drop chits, suggesting names for total seven tiger cubs, who were born recently. Over 1200 people from a total of 1200 named the cub Baahubali.

Names of other six cubs, including two female, were given as Kundan, Saahil, Adyasha, Vicky, Chinu and Mousumi. While Baahubali and Kundan are 13-month old, the remaining cubs were between 8 and 9 months.

Feature Image: Source

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