People In Netherlands Are So Horrible At Committing Crimes, Prisons Are Being Shut Down!

Netherlands should be an example for the World. Their criminal system apparently worked out how to keep the crime rates low. The Dutch have mastered the art of rehabilitation of criminals back into the society.

Now they don’t have enough criminals to incarcerate into their prisons! They shut down 13 prisons in 2013 and 5 more are on the way to shut down! A third of the prisons in Netherland are vacant. The Dutch though were smart about it, they imported prisoners from Norway to fill up their empty prisons.

The reason for low crime rates in Netherlands is because:

#1 The population is too fecking old!


#2 Their drug laws are really chill


#3 Dutch believe in forgiving people instead of punishing them. The Dutch criminal system focuses rehabilitation of these criminals back into the society.

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#4 Their system relies on electronic activity-monitoring anklet for the easy transition of criminals into workforce

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Surprisingly, out of a population of 17 million, just 11,600 people are locked up. This cost of maintenance of these prisons is literally draining the system and left with no choice and prisoners, the Dutch decided to shut down the prison.

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