Mubarakan Review: Another Family Entertainer Bollywood Could Have Avoided Making

Most go to the cinema to escape from their mundane life. Did  Mubarakan succeed in it? Yes, it did. You will forget your life troubles for those 2 hours 26 minutes. You will also have new problems like wondering if your ticket expenses was worth the movie.

Mubarakan stars the Kapoor clan, Arjun and Anil Kapoor. The movie also has Ratna Phatak who is obviously flawless even in a character that is not well developed and does not deserve her brilliance. Illeana D’Cruz is surprisingly funny in her portrayal and has some memorable moments. The rest of the cast are forgettable and mainly act as props to carry forward the plot (or lack thereof).


Arjun Kapoor plays Charan and Karan.  Karan is adopted by his aunt Jeeto (Ratna Phatak), also his mom and resides in London. Charan’s guardian is Baljeet (Jeeto’s brother). The family tree in this film is pretty screwed up. Guess, the makers didn’t have enough screen time for the separate characters, and decided to merge the familial roles. Uncle Kartar (Anil Kapoor) is the guy keeping the family glued together, pretty bad glue at that! He is that guy from the family with crazy ideas and wacky metaphors.

The plot basically revolves around (Arjun Kapoor )not wanting to get married to the girls their family chose for them. They are too coward and reluctant to let their family meet their girlfriends. So very refreshing and never been done before!


The entire movie is a hodge-podge of khandaani shaadi plans gone wrong. It shamelessly exploits all the desi stereotypes. Punjabi’s are loud and love their whiskey. The British neighbors are super-friendly and enamored with desis and conveniently accommodating of their annoying ways. Every twin pair has a smart one and dumb one. Right!

The script seemed to have been written on a tissue one drunk night at a bar, because the plot is wafer thin. Some rare moments in the film are bearable and have a funny punchline, which is closely followed by dragging the joke for ten more scenes. How very Anees Bazmee! The twin confusion and mayhem are supposed to be funny but end up looking like caricatures. Anil Kapoor plays the shoddily written role well enough. And for some reason a fine actor like Pavan Malhotra (Baljeet) chose to be way too much over-the-top! Like soooo much! It’s a surprise he didn’t explode an artery.


Like every other films with double role, this one too does not offer anything different. Watching this film will remind you of so many other countless films like Judwa and Welcome.  You are better off winning a lottery prize than finding originality in this one!

One thing that is actually impressive is that everything onscreen looks extremely beautiful and expensive (except the script, of course). That and Ratna Pathak is the only saving grace. The first half of the film is entertaining, but the second half beats you with a club of sanskaar and forceful emotional drama. The abrupt need to tie up the loose ends is a mediocre attempt at making sense of the story.


Surprisingly the movie was not at all boring as the trailer would have you believe, but it will make you roll your eyes in many scenes. It makes for an amusing watch if you leave your brains (and heart) behind while you watch. If big fat Indian shaddi-dramedy is your thing, you’ll enjoy it.

Rating: Watch if there’s nothing great on Television and you like expensive pop corn.

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