While We Complain About Rains, This Motorman Holds An Umbrella While Steering The Train

During summers we eagerly wait for the rains to come and give us some respite. But sadly, our government isn’t ever ready to deal with the incessant rains. Whenever the rains come pouring down, our roads turn into rivers and our railway comes to stand still. In Mumbai, our civic body ends up digging roads which they have no idea how to patch it up correctly. (Remember, Red Fm RJ Malishka sung a song about potholes?) The endless potholes which lead to endless traffic, have led us to curse the rains. But the way this motorman is dealing with rains has definitely earned our respect!

According to India.com, this motorman has to hold an umbrella while working because the train is apparently, leaking! While originally, it was tweeted by Sucheta Dalal but the video is from Dhanbad in Jharkhand.



In the video, the man is recording the video while describing the situation. They are worried that the water may destroy the control panel of the train. The video shows the motor man wiping water that falls anywhere near the panel. The person recording is heard saying that this has been the situation for several years. He says leaky trains during monsoon are quite common. The man says, “We have kept our bags on the driver’s desk because of which we have to stand to look outside. We have to stay alert all the time.”

It is saddening to see that at one point we talk about scientific discovery, economic growth, free WiFi and at the same time, we don’t have proper facilities for the employees.

H/T: India.com

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