This Mother’s Trick To Check Her Daughter Whereabouts Is Pure Genius

Do you remember the time when we wanted to go for sleepovers and needed our parents’ permission? (Who am I kidding? I still need permission) OR Our early college days when we used to meet our friends or go out on the date and give an excuse of so- called ‘college fest’? The absolute favourite; going for the ‘group study’ which never happened? Our Indian Moms are known to be ‘shakki‘ and have tried all the tips and tricks to check whether we are telling the truth.

But this mother just won the award for being the ‘Teenage Mom’  18-year-old Kaelyn Demmon uploaded four pictures that were a text conversation with her mom, Heather Steinkopf. She wrote, “I think it’s safe to say my mom doesn’t trust me” 


mom 1

She was watching movies with a friend, but her mom wanted to be sure; so she did what our mothers still haven’t thought about (and hopefully doesn’t) – asked for a selfie. Not just one image with her friend but with the lights on, and also with thumbs up!

mom 2

mom 3

mom 5

And people on Twitter responded with their stories-

1. That’s one smart daughter!

2. We all have been there

3. This mom is savage AF!

4. Some habits never die

5. Hmm..That’s interesting!

6. It’s getting scarier

7. Nostalgia is sometimes bittersweet

8. We feel for you!

9. The horror!

10. Moms are getting tech savvy

The high school graduate has been burned before. “There have been times when I’ve said I’m at Stevie’s when I’m at a bonfire or something,” she told Buzzfeed News.  Steinkopf insists, however, that sometimes it’s just for her personal enjoyment, as she does trust her daughter. “I knew she was where she said she was, but it was more fun to keep her doing different things.”

Well, I hope, our parents’ don’t try it out on us! Do you have any similar incidents? Comment below!

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